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Five crucial add-ons for Doctor Who's new Christmas TARDIS!

Today on the Official BBC Doctor Who blog, there was a sudden interesting announcement: not only will this year's Christmas special The Snowmen debut the Jenna-Louise Coleman companion character, but the Doctor will get an exciting present: a new interior design for his trusty TARDIS. Here's the BBC's preview pic of the new design, which shows very little. Clearly he's decided the place needed some art.

And below that, we take a few guesses at changes the Doc might consider for the new look ship.

So, what does it all mean? Well, production-wise, something like this: "The old TARDIS had been going for 2.5 series and the new companion seemed a good excuse to change it". But while they're at it, here are some possible improvements to the TARDIS that the Doc might finally take the chance to add on:

Somewhere To Sit

Considering it's an advance timelord vessel, it's odd that nowhere on the visible interior is anywhere you can actually sit down. You either stand up or lean on a railing. Certainly, during the entire ninth to eleventh Doctor reign, I haven't noticed a damn chair anywhere on that ship. It doesn't even need to be padded - one step at a time.

More Than One Door

Seriously, that place is a fire trap. Seemingly infinite space, but only one exit? I'm amazed he survived the inferno he started whilst regenerating into Matt Smith, to be honest.

Pick Up Your Litter Or Be Banished To The Victorian Sewers

Where do you put your rubbish on the TARDIS, exactly? Yes, there are thousands of adjoining rooms, but if you have a cereal bar next to the control console, how many miles of corridors do you have to walk through to throw the wrapper away? Seems like the Doctor would get annoyed if you dropped it on the floor. Time to install a bin.

Finally Repair The Chemeleon Circuit

Apparently the TARDIS used to be able to change shape, until the "chameleon circuit" broke. Fifty years ago. Look, Doc, we've all put off fixing stuff, but enough is enough. Half your adventures seem to take place in the modern world, and we no longer have police boxes. Get on with it.

Granny Flat For Captain Jack

Eventually, surely the immortal John Barrowman will get bored of being forever miserable in Torchwood and just retire to potter around an adjoining room in the TARDIS until he finally becomes the Face of Boe?

Those are just our initial suggestions for TARDIS improvements. What do you think the Doctor should bolt on?

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