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Doctor Who - The Video Game

For many of us, the sole purpose of an advent calendar is to count down the days until the Doctor Who Christmas special arrives on our screens. The bad news for fans this time around has been the long wait we're faced with between the Doc's festive outing and the start of the new series, but now it appears our fears were unfounded. If you own a PC, Playstation 3 or Vita anyway.

That's right, the Doctor is set to make the transition to console in the early part of 2012 thanks to Guildford based games developer Supermassive Games.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, in the words of the developer, 'Is a new Doctor Who adventure, specifically created for this game franchise, written in conjunction with the show's production team in Cardiff'.
The game will feature the voices of Matt Smith (The Doctor) and Alex Kingston (River Song) but as of yet there's been no mention of Rory Williams, Amy Pond or indeed the man currently behind all things Doctor Who, Steven Moffat.

We've already been biting our nails after recent rumours of a Doctor Who movie, should Whovians be worrying about this too? Check out the teaser trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

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