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Doctor Who Series Nine Episode To Feature Just The Doctor

There has been a lot of buzz around episode eleven of Doctor Who series nine for a while with Steven Moffat teasing a huge cliffhanger. Rachel Talalay will be back to direct the final two-part story, describing it as “one of the most complicated and different episodes that I’ve ever done.” Now fans can start to guess why; episode eleven will feature just Peter Capaldi's Doctor and no other actors.

This is a first in the show's history. Classic Doctor Who's Tom Baker has one story - The Deadly Assassin - which did not feature a companion, but this is the first with no other cast for the Doctor to play off.

Steven Moffat described episode eleven as “a ludicrous challenge.” while executive producer Brian Minchin added, “Doctor Who has always been about taking risks. It’s never sat down and done a normal episode. It’s always done something extraordinary. Our audience likes to be challenged.

In other news, more details have surfaced on Mark Gatiss’s Episode nine; the episode featuring his League Of Gentlemen co-star Reece Shearsmith and Bethany Black will will be told entirely using 'old phone and camcorder footage'. According to the Daily Star, the episode will feature 'the Time Lord’s followers filming their attempts to fight a monster.'

Brian Minchin also suggested “not even having opening titles and just running the footage.

Steven Moffat recently gave some more clues about the new series in SFX and said episode nine “is a very unique Doctor Who story from Mark Gatiss. It wasn't possible to do such an episode ten years ago, when the show came back and Mark has been rewriting it over and over again to make it perfect. It’s a beautiful story, very eerie and special, I think it’s going to be an instant classic.

Doctor Who returns one month today. Look out for our first preview coming soon...

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