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Doctor Who producer teases bigger adventures and a new Missy

As filming on series nine of Doctor Who continues, producer Brian Minchin has been telling SFX magazine #261 about what to expect this year.

"This series we’re telling the next stage of the adventure. It’s the glory years of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Clara. As you saw in the finale and the Christmas episode he’s kind of answered his question of 'Am I a good man?' and this year he’s having the time of his life, having dangerous and exciting adventures in time and space. These are the glory days of the Doctor and Clara. They’re having the biggest, most dangerous adventures they’ve ever had and they’re having great fun doing it."

This would certainly fit with showrunner Steven Moffat's recent comments that Peter Capaldi is on 'amazing form' in the new series, with the new Doctor really finding his stride after his big build up last year.

Michin went on to state, "The mission statement we had was bigger adventures, and to go further in space and time. We’ve got a very confident Doctor, we’ve got a very confident companion and they’re both experts at doing this now so we can tell slightly bigger stories. We’re doing more two-parters – and not just conventional two parters. We’re doing linked stories where you might not be sure how they’re going to be connected until you see them. We’re pushing the storytelling that way, to give us more scale of adventure."

He also teased more about the Doctor's returning nemesis Missy, the female version of the Master. Played by Michelle Gomez, she made a stunning debut in series eight and will be back for at least the opening two-parter The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar.

"Missy is brilliant, and having seen her in the finale we just couldn't wait to work with Michelle again. Steven had the perfect story. It’s not going to be Missy as you expect her to be. Steven likes to surprise everyone and he’s going to do that with this opening. Missy has an awful lot of sides to her and we’re going to see some new ones in this series. We also learn a bit more about her relationship with the Doctor…"

Given the amazing dynamic between Gomez's Missy and Capaldi's Doctor, more screentime between the two can only be a wonderful thing. Series nine can't come soon enough.

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