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Dexter: Early resurrection! When will it die?

So, at the rock and roll-sounding Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Showtime channel boss David Nevins had some announcements for Dexter fans. TV Line covered the event, and it's a good news/hmm news kinda deal.

Scroll down for both types. And I won't be doing any spoilers this time - if you want my no-details-barred thoughts on season seven, there's a full review for that.


Good News: It's back soon!

The pleasant news for Dexter fans: the show will be returning for season eight sooner than anticipated! 30th June in the states! That big ending last season? In a mere 5.5 months, you'll know what happens next!

So, the end is nigh, then? Not long left on the clock for our favourite serial killer? Well...

Hmm News: Waiting For Death Still

As fans will probably know, season eight has been widely reported as the end of Dexter. But David Nevins is now evading that question a little. The quote, from the same TV Line piece:

"I’m not making any announcements today about when Dexter will end... I think I will clarify [things] before Dexter goes on the air [in June]. There’s a clear endgame in place, [but] I can’t talk about it just yet."

Have they got cold feet at the prospect of ending such an iconic show? Did they see the wave of positive reviews for season seven and think "Actually, we can totally squeeze out a ninth!"? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime... how does all this make you feel?

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