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Dexter, Angel(s) and Surprises...

So, Dexter season six starts October 2nd in the US and sometime thereafter on FX in the UK (probably Summer 2012 given season five's airing schedule). Check out the trailer here.

A couple of new things to note have been shared recently though:

1) Angel Batista and LaGuerta will NOT be married anymore, although it will have been an amicable split.
2) Dexter will encounter faith, both from his and his son's perspective but also that of this year's killer(?)
3) According to Michael Ausiello, "Something happens towards the end of the Season 6 that will forever alter the show’s DNA. Interpret as you like." - Will it be Deb's finding out about Dex's dark passenger?

Also, check-out the fabulous new poster below - killing appears to give Dexter wings...


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