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Derren Brown's 'The Experiments': More is revealed.

On the 5th of October we posted news that Derren Brown, master of the mind, will be returning to our screens with a new show: The Experiments, which will be investigating how simple it is to manipulate human behaviour. It will consist of four 'specials', and Brown has said that while three are covering quite dark topics, one is apparently 'positive and jolly'. Hm. We'll see.

He has already announced on his blog that Episode 1 will be called The Assassin and will be focusing on what it would take for someone to kill a celebrity, or at least to be brainwashed into carrying out an assassination.

Episode 2 will be called The Gameshow. In this episode, Derren will become the host of a gameshow in order to find out whether 'we all have the capacity for evil and whether or not being part of a group affects our sense of right and wrong'. Specifically, it will look at 'deinviduation' – mob mentality, like anonymous internet bullying, football hooliganism, and of course, rioting. Each person will be given a mask to maintain anonymity in their decisions, and will have the option of making the positive or the negative choice.

In an interview posted on his blog, Brown said: 'It makes me think that we probably need to reassess the Twitter and blogging environment so that you can’t do those things anonymously. You should have to out your face and name to what you say, and take responsibility for it.'


Brown also discussed how over the years he has 'grown out' of magic, and moved into deeper areas (with a few tricks still included) that he is interested in discovering more about. He also mentioned his lack of 'stage hypnotism' in shows recently, and that his reasoning behind this is that it can have damaging effects on the human psyche. Having said that, of course, he will be using hypnotism in The Assassin to try and encourage the (staged) killing.

You can find out more about the show and read the interview on Derren's blog.

The Assassin (Episode 1), airs Friday 21st October at 9pm on Channel 4.
The Gameshow (Episode 2), airs Friday 28th October at 9pm on Channel 4.

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