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David Lynch departs Twin Peaks revival

Overnight, a storm erupted on the internet as it was announced that Showtime was pulling the plug on the Twin Peaks revival. This follows the 'complications' series creator David Lynch was referring to a few weeks ago.

Within hours a campaign was raised to save Twin Peaks, making Showtime's decision to cancel the deal even more confusing. Then came the good and the bad news. The show's revival wasn't being cancelled and Showtime weren't backing out. But David Lynch would not be returning to direct. Lynch took to Twitter to confirm that it was his decision, not Showtime's, to walk away.

It would appear that those 'complications' centred on the budget for those nine finished scripts, a budget Lynch felt could not do those episodes justice. As such, he will not be returning for the director's chair, though his contribution will continue through the scripts he and Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost have already produced.

But it is not over yet. Now Showtime President David Nevins has stepped in, stating that he is still trying to get Lynch to return as director. This seems unlikely, unless he stumps up a whole load more cash, but either way, we will get Twin Peaks in some form.

More news, including the confirmed air date, as it happens...

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