Dark Matter cancelled by Syfy after three seasons; Killjoys picked up for two more

Syfy cancels Dark Matter against fan uproar even as it renews Killjoys for two more seasons.

Syfy announced its decision on two of its biggest shows last night and it was great news for Killjoys, which was picked up for two more final seasons. Airing in 2018 and 2019 respectively, seasons four and five will give Killjoys 20 more episodes in total to bring closure to the show about a group of space bounty hunters, starring Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore and D’avin Jaqobis.

Showrunner, and executive producer Michelle Lovretta made the following statement:

“This renewal is the kind of privilege every creator hopes for — a chance to plan the end of your story with the luxury of 20 episodes to do it. I’m immensely grateful that both of our network partners — along with Temple Street and UCP — have given our team, cast, and fans this incredible opportunity.”

Sadly, it was not so good news for Dark Matter, which was cancelled, meaning fans will not get a conclusion to the dramatic cliffhanger that ended its third. We’re big fans of the sci-fi show here at The Digital Fix and needless to say, like many fans, we were gutted by the announcement.

We reached out to showrunner Joseph Mallozzi to ask if Syfy were open to offering closure to Dark Matter or whether there was potential for anyone else picking up the show. Mallozzi confirmed that it was unlikely that Syfy would enable him to wrap things up but all other avenues were being pursued. As with so many of the fans, he thanked The Digital Fix for taking for taking the time to support their little show.

Mallozzi announced the cancellation through his WordPress account and posted to Twitter yesterday.

“It is with great sadness that I confirm the news.  Syfy has cancelled Dark Matter after three seasons.


“To say that I’m incredibly disappointed would be an understatement.


“I’ll save my comments and field your questions in a future blog entry.  For today, I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my amazing crew, my wonderful cast, and to all of you, our incredible fans.


“You all deserved better.”

The cast took to Twitter to announce their disappointment but give thanks to the fans. Anthony Lemke gave a final video message with the tag line ‘I’ll miss this family, this  while Melissa O’Neil write this heartfelt message to the cast, crew and fans.

Dark Matter was a great little sci-fi show and will be missed, even as we – like many – try and have hope that it may continue in some form. In the meantime, congratulations to Killjoys on its two-season renewal.

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Updated: Sep 02, 2017

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Dark Matter cancelled by Syfy after three seasons; Killjoys picked up for two more | The Digital Fix