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CSI: Miami meets 24

CSI: Miami's Horatio Caine looks to have gotten himself an equally cool adversary this coming season down at the Miami crime labs (which never do cross-over with Dexter...that would be cool).

24's very own Soul-Patch Tony (Carlos Bernard) will play a very wealthy politician whose own son is a serial killer whom Caine is tasked with catching throughout the year. Barry O' Brien the co-executive producer says:

"We're going to slowly position Horatio in opposition to a very subtle, but powerful, political patriarch. He's kind of a Donald Trump meets the Kennedy family. ...There will be a very high-octane relationship between the two. A hero is as heroic as his opposition is deadly, so we're really going to go there with this character."

CSI: Miami returns to US screens September 25th and will hit Five over here soon after. TV Guide has the original exclusive.

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