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Could Netflix be keen on an exclusive Star Trek series?

We've seen a couple of rumours floating around over the last few days that suggest Netflix might be hoping to licence Star Trek for a brand new exclusive series. With Netflix keen to build up a strong catalogue of exclusive and quality content, and a current dearth of small-screen spaceship action, this could actually be a match made in heaven.

Big-screen science fiction is currently getting lots of attention - with the new Star Wars films hitting cinemas starting next year, so time is ripe for another go at the Star Trek canon. Suggestions that this might be happening come from Larry Nemecek - a CBS producer who has previously worked on Trek - who has claimed CBS and Netflix have held talks on the matter. He later denied any ongoing discussion, but its clear it has been the subject of communication between the companies in the very recent past. Indeed, it appears that a formal proposition on the matter has been made by Netflix.

While Netflix doesn't declare subscriber stats, it's widely believed that Trek is the most streamed series on the online video provider so it would be a good fit and we'd be looking forward to seeing what they'd be able to do without the constraints of broadcast television.

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