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Could A Spin-Off Of The X Files Be In Development?

As you can probably tell from our regular 'The X Files Revisited' features on the site, we're pretty excited for the show's return in 2016. Well apparently the return of Mulder and Scully might just be the start of a reinvigorated TV universe. TV LIne are reporting that Fox might be looking at spin-off featuring new characters, FBI agents Mills and Einstein.

Robbie Amell (recently seen in The Flash) and Lauren Ambrose (Of Six Feet Under fame) will be playing the two agents in Babylon, the fourth episode of The X Files revival. Series creator Chris Carter hasn't been very committal to the idea, focusing on returning stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson for now, but it hasn't stopped the speculation that if 'season 10' is successful there might be more to come.

Don't expect any news any time soon; fans of The X Files will find out if the revival was worth the wait when it is broadcast next year. More news on the main show, the possible spin-off and most importantly a UK broadcaster and date as we have it!

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