Consider Phlebas: Utopia creator to pick up showrunner duties on Amazon's newly acquired Iain M. Banks rights

Amazon have picked up Iain M. Banks sci-fi classic, and first novel in the Cuture series, Consider Phlebas, to adapt for television and have tapped Utopia creator Dennis Kelly to develop the series with a view to ordering a complete season once scripts are in place.

Banks' highly regarded novels tell of a utopian future where humanity has become a spacefaring civilization. The first book in the series tells of the war between the Culture and the Iridan Empire and features shapeshifting aliens and plenty of adventure - pretty much perfect fodder for a top-drawer grown up sci-fi series then.

We imagine that if Consider Phlebas is a success, Amazon will look to adapt the other nine novels in the series - each is a standalone story in Bank's Culture universe.

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