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Channel 4 stage heists to promote new live gameshow: The Bank Job

Channel 4 are a launching a new live gameshow entitled 'The Bank Job'. It will be a week-long live event with a gripping online element that gives players the chance to pull off the ultimate heist, presented by George Lamb.


On the evening of the 21st of December, Channel 4 carried out 6 'guerrilla' publicity stunts to promote The Bank Job, using projections to create the illusion of pulling off six heists. The projections carried out a “bank job” on several buildings across the capital. Featuring a vault (similar to the one used in the show which is filmed in a real bank in London) being blown up and thousands of pounds pouring out, the projections were seen by thousands of gobsmacked Christmas shoppers.

The Bank Job will air for six consecutive nights, from Jan 2nd, for more see where you can also 'play along' online.

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