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Channel 4 launches its own online DVD store!


Perhaps trying to wrest a little control back over the DVD sales of its own shows, Channel 4 has launched a new online store which will make around 100 titles available for sale. DVDs such as Sarah Millican's Thoroughly Modern Millican, Fresh Meat Series 1, and 'Father Ted: The Complete Collection' are among the extensive selection. It seems as though they’re going to be selling anything for which they hold the UK rights, and the press release states that Channel 4 hopes to extend the store in the future to include other merchandise, and the complete “4DVD” collection, which consists of around 400 DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Whether this venture will prove popular or have competitive enough prices to rival online retailers such as and Amazon remains to be seen, but the prices which Channel 4 is listing don’t seem to be vastly more than can be found elsewhere.

The website currently only ships within the UK (but the delivery is free!), so to view what's available, visit the Channel 4 Store.

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