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With the new year of shows well under way the American TV networks have been busy cancelling unsuccessful shows. Here’s a list of a few of the most notable that are gone, or on their way.

To start with ITV have got in on the act and cancelled Whitechapel. After a slightly barmy, but brilliant, fourth series this ITV drama is no longer, cancellation was confirmed by star Rupert Penry-Jones on Twitter.

The Client List - Jennifer Love Hewitt show about a mum that turns to working in a massage parlour. Season One is currently showing on Lifetime but the show’s just been cancelled after Season Two in the US.

Ironside - A remake of the Raymond Burr classic, did terribly in the US and has been cancelled after a couple of episodes. Luckily for UK broadcasters, no-one picked it up.

Lucky 7 - The US remake of the BBC drama The Syndicate hasn’t translated well, whoever thought it would hadn’t seen the original! Again, no UK broadcaster.

The Glades - Florida set thriller, up to Season Three in the UK on Alibi, cancelled after the fourth year.

Southland - The acclaimed US cop drama has its fifth and final season lined up to air on More4. This underwatched but well reviewed show has done well to get to five years.

Monday Mornings - A new, in the UK, medical drama looking to replace House that failed miserably. Cancelled an age ago in the US, it’s showing on Fox UK if you can be bothered.

Nikita - If anyone watches this then make the most of it. Cancelled at the end of a short season six. Is seen by a few of you on Sky Living.

Strike Back The Sky 1 action drama has one season left in it’s ammo chamber, renewed for a fourth season due to air in 2014. It was never the same once they bumped off Richard Armitage.

True Blood - Make the most of this sweaty Southern vampire tale, next years series will be the last. Seven years is pretty good considering the quality drop. Season six is currently showing on Fox UK.

As well as these definitely cancelled shows there are a bunch of high profile series that are in trouble or struggling against the tide, including critical fave The Good Wife, big budget, big stars, Hostages, Derren Brown biography The Mentalist, and comedies Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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