Calls for a Captain Pike-based Star Trek show continue

Calls for a Captain Pike-based Star Trek show continue

One of the biggest highlights of the most recent season of Star Trek was the portrayal, by Anson Mount, of Captain Pike. The character has been part of Trek lore ever since Gene Roddenberry put pen to paper to create his 'Wagon Train to the Stars'. He was the captain of the Enterprise before Kirk took command, he was in the show's very first pilot episode - The Cage - played by Jeffrey Hunter (who sadly died on a few years later, that episode at the time unbroadcast in its entirety). In the show his character meets a grim fate - the aftereffects we see in the episode 'The Menagerie'.

He also featured in two of the most recent reboots - the JJ Abrams directed Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness - this time played by Bruce Greenwood. It was Greenwood's performance that added depth the character that we had previously lacked.

So, the news that Anson Mount would be able to take on the role for television was greeted with both excitement and trepidation. The fact is he's been the best thing in the show this year. The best Captain since Picard? Possibly. Mount's portrayal brings the gravitas needed of a Starfleet Captain; and just one episode in it was clear that he was going to bring a warmth to the show that was entirely lacking in the first season. And, it only got better.

There have been appeals from fans for a while to allow us to see more of the character - either in Discovery OR preferably in a spin-off show that followed Pike's adventures on the Enterprise itself. There is now a petition and Mount himself has responded warmly to the idea, as has Ethan Peck, who played Spock in this year's Star Trek Discovery.

We'd LOVE to see an Anson Mount led show - the Enterprise bridge set is there ready to be used and there is a huge amount of scope for traditional Trek stories featuring Mount, Peck and Romijn - it seems such a waste to scrap it all now.

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