Big changes for the TV side of the MCU as Marvel TV shuts down

Big changes for the TV side of the MCU as Marvel TV shuts down

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 set to include film and TV content - with shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on new streaming platform Disney+ - the future of Marvel on TV is changing. With the upcoming departure of Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb, Deadline has now reported that the television-focused Marvel division will be phased out entirely.

While this might be down to a creative decision, Deadline has also reported that the shut down of Marvel Television has sadly resulted in a significant portion of the unit’s staff are being laid off.

Despite the changes however, a number of Marvel TV projects are still going ahead with production. including four announced animated series, the live-action Helstrom for Hulu and the last season of ABC’s Agents of  SHIELD (the latter of which airs on E4 in the UK).

There has been a spate of Marvel TV show cancellations as of late. In addition to Agents of SHIELD ending with season seven, the planned Ghost Rider spin-off has been axed before it's even begun. Cloak and Dagger (which streams on Amazon Prime in the UK) has been cancelled after two seasons, while Runaways (which airs on Syfy  in the UK) will also end after it's upcoming third season. The Marvel Netflix shows DaredevilJessica Jones Luke CageIron Fist and The Punished have all reached their end on the streaming site in the last year and new animated series Tigra and Dazzled has already been dropped before production began.

It seems as if Disney+ really is going to be the place for Marvel TV content moving forward....

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