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Benedict Cumberbatch Approves of 'Elementary'

Sherlock leading man, Benedict Cumberbatch has shown his approval of the US adaptation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth, Elementary. Cumberbatch has called the CBS series "absolutely fantastic", after reports of his cynicism towards the series.

Cumberbatch told the Radio Times:

I've seen Elementary and it's absolutely fantastic. Under no circumstances would I want Jonny to have anything but a rip-roaring success because, first and foremost, he is my friend."

"I've yet to go and talk to the producers about where their original thoughts came from to cast him, but I know for a fact that they kept on going back to him so he must have knocked it out of the park in the auditions,"

"Jonny is phenomenal; he's completely different; he's far more contained. He's stunning to watch as well - he's just a beautiful specimen, Jonny – and he really knows what he's doing, he's completely got under his skin and it's another Sherlock for he 21st century."


Whilst at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, he told the audience that the supposed rivalry between Sherlock and Elementary was false. He claimed that "there was another two sheets worth of fish paper in The Times today" and said that it was more than fine, it was "brilliant".

Meanwhile, Lucy Liu who plays Joan Watson in the series stated the creators of the hit BBC series of Sherlock have watched the CBS series and approved of it with the comment: "I thought that the creator from the original Sherlock had seen the pilot and he said that he was really impressed and pleased with how it turned out, and he saw that the correlation was completely different."

Elementary will air on Sky Living from 23 October. Below is a clip from the series:

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