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BBC3 to be switched off in February 2016

It's end has been on the cards for a while, but now it has been officially confirmed that BBC3 will be switched off at the end of February 2016. There will be no new content after January, but the brand will continue as an online BBC channel, saving the corporation about £30m a year, £1m of which will be redirected into its drama budget for BBC1

BBC3 launched in 2003 and gave us such classics as Being Human, the first series of Torchwood, Russell Howard's Good News (now relocated to BB2) and Snog Marry Avoid. Okay, the last one is a travesty...

Suzanna Taverne, chair of the trust’s services committee, which assessed the corporation’s proposals said the following regarding the channel's closure...

"The decision to close a TV channel is a difficult one, and one we have not taken lightly. The BBC must adapt with its audiences. The evidence is very clear that younger audiences are watching more online and less linear TV. The plans enable the BBC to deliver more distinctive content online while bearing down on costs." - BBC

Will you morn the loss of BBC3? And just what will that £1m budget for BBC 1 drama bring us next?

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