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BBC announce Being Human conclusion

Ever since I was young, I've known the Devil had made it his personal mission to take away everything I love, so it isn't a huge surprise that Being Human is going to end this year - especially once I learnt that Satan was this year's big villain.

Yes, that is the news we wake up to this morning - the current fifth Being Human series will be the last one for the supernatural vampire/werewolf/ghost flatshare comedy-drama, further details on the BBC Press site. See the cast discuss the news below, then we have some thoughts on the whys and wherefores of this ending.

UPDATE: And now added to the very bottom of this piece, some thoughts from Being Human series overlord Toby Whitehouse.

Whether the decision is creative or based on ratings, it's hard to say - the series had successfully revitalised itself after losing all its original leads, it seems a shame to end after going to all that effort. On the other hand, most British shows struggle to hold onto a whole ensemble for longer than 2-3 years, so maybe they chose to conclude, rather than go through another full refresh.

The original main actors, of course, were Aidan Turner (now in The Hobbit movies), Russell Tovey (now in successful sitcom Him & Her) and Lenora Crichlow (starring in an upcoming Black Mirror), so it seems to be launching careers well enough. Hopefully new stars Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken will do just as well out of it, they deserve it after a good few years here. Molony in particular, I wouldn't be surprised to see him quickly move on to big things. Do they need a new Doctor Who yet?

Anyway. Sad news, but I'm now even more excited about the five weeks we have left. How do you feel about Being Human being over? Do you think we'll see major cast deaths? Sound off below, and if you didn't already see it, read our preview of the next new episode.

(So, yes, writing that preview does mean I only have four new episodes left myself. It's not easy being a reviewer.)

UPDATE: The official Being Human blog have posted a piece by creator/producer/writer Toby Whitehouse about the end, it seems he was at least involved in the decision. Key quote below:

"I know many of them will be disappointed that the show isn't returning, but all good things come to an end.

"We must remember too that the remit of BBC Three is to encourage and support new talent, to give them opportunities to make television, to test out new ideas and formats. In that sense Being Human is perhaps a victim of its own success. We can't really call ourselves a new show anymore, and much as I'd like to think of myself as a young thrusting new talent and not a bitter old war horse, the reality is we have a duty to move aside and make space for the next Being Human.

"But much like the cast change from seasons 3 to 4, we viewed the news as an opportunity. It meant I could actually write a climax for the show, instead of it just popping out to the shops at the end of season 5 and never coming back. You've no idea how rare that is in television, and what a great opportunity it is to write something suitably definitive and satisfactory.

"Consequently we've created what I hope you'll agree is an epic, thrilling and shocking finale that'll keep the fans guessing and speculating for years to come."

So there we have it. It may not have been his choice to end it now, but at least he was able to do an ending he felt proud of. Hell, he brought in the Ultimate Evil, which retrospectively might've been a clue that this was the big one.

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