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Annabeth Gish Returns To The X Files As Agent Monica Reyes

Another major character is returning to The X Files, though you'll only remember her if you watched the final two seasons (aka the ones where Mulder is barely in the show). Annabeth Gish will be back for one episode as Monica Reyes, a character that appeared in season eight and became a main character in the final season. Reyes worked on the X Files with Agent John Doggett while Scully took more of a backseat role. Like Mulder, Reyes was a true believer in all things paranormal.

Sadly, she will not be joined by her partner this time round. Following previous comments at last month's Comic Con, Robert Patrick (John Doggett) told Mary Sue;

"I’ll set the record straight with you. I’m not going to do it. … I’m very happy with the job I have. I’m on CBS [working on Scorpion] —that’s a different network—and I’m content and happy and I don’t really see a reason to go and revisit that show. It’s not that I wouldn’t be interested … I just don’t know what the reason is do to both at the same time.

Not a never then, just not next year. Perhaps we'll see Doggett if a season eleven materialises. In the meantime, Reyes is another welcome addition to the show and if you're not convinced, check out the non-arc stories featuring her in season nine. Many of them are surprisingly good!

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