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An Alternate Version Of Game Of Thrones Revealed?

US site Variety have been running an interesting news article looking at the original pitch George RR Martin submitted for what was then the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' trilogy. As we now know, that trilogy has expanded into a much grander saga, spanning five books so far with two more in development - additional bit of week-old news; his next book The Winds Of Winter has recently been confirmed as NOT being published in 2015. Not that that is much of a surprise to anyone...

As to the original concept, there are some notable differences, which in its adaptation would have made for a very different Game Of Thrones show. Spoilers of course if you aren't up to date with the books...

Robb would have fought Joffrey in battle and maimed him before he was killed by Tyrion and Jaime.

There would have been no Margaery Tyrell. Instead Sansa Stark would have married King Joffrey and had his children, making for an even more difficult moral dilemma.

Tyrion would have switched sides and fallen in love with Arya, but not until after she had fallen in love with her half-brother Jon and then ended up stranded beyond the wall with Bran and their mother Sansa, who would still have died, just this time at the hands of the Others.

Daenerys would have killed Drogo for murdering her brother, raised her dragons and invaded Westeros in the second book. The final book would have dealt with the Others and the threat from the north.

Interestingly, Ned would have always had his head chopped up, but he would have smuggled Arya and Catelyn to safety first.

It all sounds like everything we have watched so far on the show would have been one book; it is easy to see why the story expanded so rapidly. Given the performances on the show it is hard to imagine some of these situations happening - not without some hefty re-writes!

Were the changes for the better or worse? Either way, April 2015 and the fifth season of Game Of Thrones can't come soon enough!

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