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Amazon orders a Galaxy Quest TV series

Amazon are to adapt the 1999 film, Galaxy Quest, for TV in a new deal just inked with Paramount. The film, a warmhearted take-off of the Star Trek TV series follows the cast of a cancelled science fiction show on the convention circuit who are suddenly abducted by aliens who have been watching the show and need their help.

The film starred Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. No news yet on whether the series will be a reboot, continuation or something else and no word on casting - we'd hazard a guess that the full film cast might be a little bit too expensive for TV but we've seen quite a few film stars make that jump so you never really know.

One thing that does give us some confidence is that the film's production team will be behind the series too - co-writer Robert Gordon will write the pilot and the director, Dean Parisot, is on board to both direct and produce the series.

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