Agents of SHIELD season seven to be its last

A show with many endings.

Agents of SHIELD is currently airing its sixth season, having already secured a seventh season renewal. And now we know that next season will be the end of the road for the intrepid agents.

Deadline has confirmed that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will end after its upcoming seventh season. Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb chatted to the site about the decision to bring the series to a close.

Warning, there are some spoilers for past seasons ahead…

Season 6 ends really delightfully. That’s all I can say. Going into Season 7, when you know you only have 13 more stories, you really do get a chance to see what that writers’ room is going to do when they can do anything. It was the best kind of creative situation.

The bitter side is nobody ever wants anything to end, but it’s going to be amazing, and here’s the best news: Season 6 isn’t over, and you’ve seen none of Season 7. That’s the celebration, there’s still more. It’s not as though we’re going to walk off the stage and say goodbye, you’re never going to see another one of these new stories again. You have to see how this ends, you have to.

Asked about the decision to continue the show past season five and the ‘death of Coulson,’ Loeb said:

The simplest answer is so that we can end on our terms, really.


How many shows do you know that just suddenly ended, and you feel like, but wait a minute, there was more. Yes, in the chronology of this is we thought Season 5 was the end. If you go back and you look at the end of that season, it is written that way.


Actually, the last episode of that season is called “The End.” Honestly, we thought we were turning out the lights and going home when we got a call from ABC that said, the material is so strong, do you think you have another season, do you think you have another 13 because we sort of like this idea of doing it again.


Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen and Jeff Bell, who have been there from the very beginning, went away and came back and said, we have a cool idea. That cool idea became Season 6. The show started to come in, then about halfway through that season we get another call from ABC’s Channing Dungey, who is a big fan of the show, super supportive, and she says, how about a Season 7?


At the end of Season 5, we thought it was done. Then we, again, sat down with Jed, Jeff, and Maurissa. We all came to the conclusion that getting another season is so flattering, so lovely, so amazing, but how about if we go back and say, yes, but this is it.


We can actually build a season that will tie up any threads that are there. To make sure that we come to a conclusion that’s satisfying to the fans, to the cast, to Marvel, and to ABC.


When you know that’s what you’re doing, you can take greater risks, of life and death. Those kinds of decisions suddenly now are real on the table because you’re not playing how do we undo this when we get to the next season. You’re playing that this is going to be the end of the story.

You can read more of the interview iver at Deadline. Agents of SHIELD airs Sundays on E4 in the UK. Check out our weekly reviews of the sixth season at The Digital Fix including the latest episode  Collision Course Part One here.

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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

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