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Agents Of SHIELD: A Familiar Face Returns

Agents Of SHIELD is still a month or two from returning to UK screens but if you've seen my reviews of the first half of season two then, like me, you will be eagerly awaiting the events of the climatic mid-season finale which saw Skye's identity revealed.

In the last few days we have learned that Luke Mitchell from the recently-cancelled The Tomorrow People, will be joining the show as another Inhuman, but today there is some bigger news concerning a familiar face from the first season and Thor movies, who will be making an encore performance on the show.

Jamie Alexander will be returning as Asgardian Lady Sif, a week after the mid-season opener 'Aftershocks'. Her appearance brought a well-needed sense of fun and link to the wiser Marvel cinematic universe last year and it is easy to see why the show has brought her back.

More news of Agents Of SHIELD's return as and when we have it.

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