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A Firefly film?

Update - apparently, this was misreported and has nothing to do with the TV series! There is no permission from Fox to make a Firefly spinoff, and Lost Transmission is going to be set in an original universe with totally original characters.

However the writer and director was inspired by movies like Star Wars, video games like Elite — and TV shows like Firefly. Sorry for giving you false information, but hopefully it'll still be a good film.

We've got good news for all you Firefly fans — there's going to be another film!

But we've also got bad news for all you Firefly fans — it's not going to have any members of the original cast.


Filming on the low-budget movie will start in early 2012, and will be split between Cumbria and America — although work on the CGI effects has already started.

Titled Lost Transmission the film will follow Blake, captain of a mining ship. After war breaks out on Earth the only person Blake has to communicate with is his computer, so he leaves to find life on other worlds.

Rick McLeod, the writer and director, sounds like an enormous fan of the series so hopefully it will be a fan-pleasing film, even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles a bigger budget would have allowed.

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