Yet again spoiler-mongers ruin our favourite shows


So, have you watched the return of Doctor Who – if not stop reading NOW as this article contains heavy spoilers for the episode. If you have seen it then scroll down.

Go on, keep going…

That’ll do. While there is a certain irony in pulling apart the people who post spoilers in an article littered with them this is something we want to address yet again as these kinds of things can sap all of the enjoyment out of watching our favourite shows.

If you arrived at The Magicians Apprentice without massive spoilers then we’re really happy for you – it must’ve been a real treat to discover that the whole episode centered on Davros rather than the Daleks or Missy; despite all of the hype and advertising this one character was perfectly hidden from view. That is IF you didn’t read the Mirror back in April or the dozens of sites that then took that story and posted it themselves (here, here, here etc. etc. etc.).

While we understand the clamour for scoops but this was something else. The entire plot of the first episode, including minute details, splayed bare for all to see. Where the hell is the fun in that? This isn’t some obscure fan site posting the rumour, this is the mainstream media taking glee in ripping away people’s enjoyment.

The detail on show means that someone close to production took the time to contact the press and reveal this information – details that Stephen Moffat and the crew wanted kept secret and FILMED in secret in order to ensure that it would be a massive twist on broadcast.

What’s worse is that sites like ours end up having to jump through hoops to bring you previews without spoiling the fun – sometimes we get to see things early, sometimes we don’t and when we do we really appreciate the trust that shows in us. Yet here we have someone with access to either the script OR the filming itself who is happy to just run to the press and tell all. In the scheme of things its a tiny thing to complain about; but where’s the public interest in ruining the work of others?

Watching TV without spoilers is near impossible. The mainstream media and blanket coverage of everything from Doctor Who to the cricket means that even if you watch something on broadcast you can expect all but the tiniest of plot points to have been revealed somewhere that you’re least expecting – it could be the free Metro on the train, the TV news or just through idle chit-chat. The proliferation of media looking to find out everything about everything as early as possible means that even studios and TV networks are spoiling their own shows in their pre-release publicity. Just look at the Terminator: Genisys trailers to see just how the only real surprise in that film was ripped away early on in the hype build up.

The Davros spoilers ahead of this week’s Who were leaked months ago – thankfully they were almost forgotten, but the fact is that information was leaked well ahead of time in a way that defied even the publicity machine. It unfair to fans and serves no public interest to almost everyone else. Why do it?

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 21, 2015

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