Who Has The Best Classic Kids TV – Netflix Or Amazon Prime?

Can Danger Mouse compete with He Man, Thundercats and The Mysterious Cities of Gold?

They don’t make kids TV like they used to.

Yes that makes us all sounds like geriatric 30 / 40 year olds (I sit in the mid-30’s range myself) but it is also kind of true. My son might like Ben 10 and all its various incarnations but he and his sister are also equally absorbed by He Man, She-Ra, Danger Mouse and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which as you’ll note, is a reboot.

In fact reboots are all the rage these days and Dangermouse is the latest kids TV show to get the 21st Century makeover. Whether you or your kids (depending on whether you need them as an excuse to watch cartoons) chose to give it a go, it is also an excuse to reacquaint yourself with the old classics.

The brilliance of online streaming is that it is a perfect platform to catch up on old TV shows from years ago or finally getting around to checking out that programme you’ve heard so much about. It is also a perfect place to recapture your childhood and re-introduce your kids to your old classics.

But Netflix or Amazon Prime – which is better? To make the decision easy for you, I have scoured both to find you the best cartoon classics from your childhood. Here’s the run down…


Danger Mouse (1982) – Seasons One To Three

The recent purchase of this brilliant cartoon was a big win for Netflix and is my personal favourite. With humour on both levels, Danger Mouse is a show you can revisit and love as an adult while still re-embracing your childhood. Unfortunately it doesn’t have seasons 4-10, though chances are it is the early episodes you’ll remember most.

Inspector Gadget (1983) – Season One

Another childhood classic. Remind yourself of the hopeless lead character and the real hero of the story – his niece Penny.

The Care Bears Movie (1985)

Being equal opportunistic, here is something for both genders. Unfortunately there is no Transformers: The Movie for the boys…


Thundercats (1985) – Season One

Danger Mouse might be a coup for Netflix, but Thundercats was the kids cartoon everyone watched. Lion-O, Panthero, Tigra, Cheetara – who was your favourite hero? It’s a shame, like most things of Amazon Prime, that you only get the first season on Instant Video – though the others are available to rent / buy.

He Man, Masters Of The Universe (1983) – Season One & She-Ra, Princess of Power (1985) – Season One

One for the boys and the girls (though my two kids love both), it is filled with plenty of innuendo for the adults and lots of action, heroics and villainy for the kids. Shame again that we only get the first seasons of both on Instant Video.

Defenders of the Earth (1986) – Season One

It might be cheesier than you remember, but the adventures of Flash Gordon, Mandrake, Lothar et al against the evil Ming The Merciless is still a whole lot of fun!

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (1982) – Season One

When the DVD was released a few years ago, it reminded adults why they tuned in every week to follow the adventures of Esteban, Zia and Tao on their amazing adventures to South America and the magnificent golden condor. It still stands up today. Only season one again, though it does wrap up the first story, with season two moving to China…

The Raccoons (1985) – Season One and Two

Another classic. Everyone remembers the theme tune and the adventures of the three raccoons as they seek to save the Evergreen Forest from the evil machinations of evil aardvark Cyril Sneer. Unlike most kids classics, you also get two seasons available on Amazon Instant Video.

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds (1981) Season One

One of the greatest adaptations of The Three Musketeers with a theme tune everyone loves to sing along to. It was such a part of so many people’s childhood, they probably thought D’Artagnan was actually spelt Dogtanian! It only had one season of 26 episodes, but they’re all there for you to enjoy once again!

Inspector Gadget (1983) – Season One And Two

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime also haa Inspector Gadget, but with added season two too!


Isn’t it obvious? Netflix might have Danger Mouse, but Amazon Prime has almost the entirety of our collective childhoods ready for us to stream. The only downside is most of them only have the first seasons available for instant streaming – later seasons (if available) come at an extra cost. But the first season of all these kids classics alone is worth the subscription. Now can I just request someone pick up Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors please?


Updated: Aug 24, 2015

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