What To Watch: 27/12/2011

Dickensian drama and sentimental sop, it’s all here.

Christmas is good for lots of things, but mainly for absolutely cracking TV. From the 19th December to the 1st January, we’ll be giving you a daily report on what you should be watching.

You Have Been Watching…David Croft
8:00pm on BBC2
David Croft, who has been in everything from Dad’s Army to Are You Being Served?, died in September. This tribute to him is a way of paying respect to a true comedy legend.

Big Fat Quiz of the Year
9:00pm on C4
These are always fun. Hosted by Jimmy Carr and featuring some currently unconfirmed celebrity guests, this will be a trawl back through 2011 with lots of swearing and lots of laughs.

Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me
9:00pm on ITV
Sentimental, cliche-ridden and utterly perfect for Christmas, this story about a millionaire forced to do community service with a young boy dying of a terminal illness will have you sobbing by the end. Starring Laurence Fox, aka Billie Piper’s husband/that bloke from Lewis.

Great Expectations
There’s been a bit of buzz around this, mainly because of the absolutely incredible transformation of Gillian Anderson. Her performance and look as Miss Havisham is utterly incredible, and it’s all that reviewers can talk about. A must see.

Amy Jones

Updated: Dec 27, 2011

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