What To Watch: 25/12/2011

It’s Christmas Day! Get the telly on.

Christmas is good for lots of things, but mainly for absolutely cracking TV. From the 19th December to the 1st January, we’ll be giving you a daily report on what you should be watching.

A Musical Nativity with John Rutter
2:10pm on BBC2
John Rutter is a beautiful composer and arranger, as this Nativity shows. This is a mix of traditional carols and his own compositions, and is lovely and gentle to watch whilst you digest dinner.

The Queen
3:00pm on BBC1
Dear Liz’s annual address. Show some respect, children.

The Gruffalo’s Child
6:30pm on BBC1
An all-star cast heads up this gorgeous and endearing adaptation. Sweet and gentle, it’s delightful viewing.

Doctor Who
7:00pm on BBC1
It’s the Doctor Who Christmas special. Do I really have to say any more?

Blackadder the Third
8:00pm on BBC2
Another show that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, it’ll be a nice break from all the simpering sentiment that Christmas Day is filled with.

Strictly Come Dancing
8:00pm on BBC1
Sequins, brilliant music, fake tan, lots of cleavage and sparkles. No competitive element to fret about, just a bit of fun.

Downton Abbey
9:00pm on ITV
Two hours of pure delight here. Downton Abbey is filled with a Christmas tree, gifts and sherry, but all is not as cheerful as it seems. There’s a murder trial, a lovesick wife, a love triangle and someone getting punches in the face. And snow. Excellent Christmas fodder.

Absolutely Fabulous
10:00pm on BBC1
The girls are back, and this is going to be good. Watch for the in-jokes if you’re a fan of The Killing, giggle at hilarious characters and enjoy the break from all things Christmas.

Amy Jones

Updated: Dec 25, 2011

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