What To Watch: 24/12/2011

It’s Christmas Eve! Are you excited, yet?

Christmas is good for lots of things, but mainly for absolutely cracking TV. From the 19th December to the 1st January, we’ll be giving you a daily report on what you should be watching.

Carol’s From Kings
5:45pm on BBC2
Sweet carols to soothe you in the midst of Christmas insanity. Take an hour to sit and relax. Let yourself get teary eyed.

8:00pm on BBC1
It’s the series finale of one of the biggest shows on TV, and this is set to be very exciting. Read last week’s review for predictions, but this is not one to miss. Book your place on the sofa early.

Morecambe and Wise: a Perfect Christmas
8:00pm on BBC2
A compilation of the best from Morecambe and Wise. These guys have made it into our list of Christmas faves twice, so this is one the Television @ The Digital Fix team certainly recommend.

Greatest Christmas TV Moments
9:00pm on Channel 5
It wouldn’t be Christmas without a whacking great compilation of TV moments. These are the 50 best and features everything from Gavin and Stacey to Only Fools and Horses. Ideal background nonsense.

9:20pm on BBC1
This is a big one for this Christmas. The kids are almost grown up and Christmas is always a nightmare in the Brockman household, so they’ve decided to go away for Christmas. Cue…much drama.

Top of the Pops Christmas Special
10:25pm on BBC2
Slade, Wham, Pet Shops Boys, Shakin’ Stevens, Adele…Christmas music is GO.

Midnight Mass
11:45pm on BBC1
If you can’t drag yourself out into the cold, this Mass is being broadcast from St George’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Southwark. We always watch this, and my Nana always cries. It’s somewhat of a tradition now.

Amy Jones

Updated: Dec 24, 2011

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