Twin Peaks Revisited: 2.18

TV revivals are a big thing. In 2016, The X Files returned to our screens after a 14-year absence and here at The Digital Fix, we revisited key episodes across its ten seasons and two movies. But there is one revival that is surely bigger than that; Twin Peaks will be returning for an unprecedented third season, directed by David Lynch and set twenty-five years after season two’s shocking ending. It is a revival that has everyone excited and anxious in equal measure. With a phenomenal cast, including nearly every original actor there is hope that Twin Peaks’ new season can recapture the magic of the first year and a half. So, like The X Files, we’ve decided to revisit each episode in the build up to the show’s return. We’ll treat each revisit fresh and try to keep major conjecture to future episodes separate. So whether you’re seeking to revisit an old classic or ready to find out what all the fuss is about, let’s return to the world of Twin Peaks

Episode Summary

Cooper grows closer to Annie while Gordon Cole falls for Shelley. Audrey encounters Windom Earle, Donna spies on her mother, Harry fights off the mysterious Jones and Cooper discovers the Owl Cave...


The momentum of recent episodes continues to rise and after lurking in the shadows, sending coded messages to potential victims Audrey, Shelley and Donna, it's great to see Dale Cooper finally clue into Windom Earle's plans, even if he is still far from gaining the upper hand. It really feels as if Twin Peaks has got its groove back, even if it still hasn't recaptured the highs of the Laura Palmer murder mystery. Kenneth Welsh plays a great deranged villain and the scene where he shows the cards to Leo, Donna the queen of clubs, Audrey the queen of diamonds, Shelly the queen of spades and Cooper the king shows just how blurred the line between games and reality has begun. Naturally he is the joker, the ruthless, sick killer playing with everyone's lives and the reveal that he'll make the winner of the upcoming Miss Twin Peaks his victim creates a shadow over the fate of several recurring female characters.

But it isn't Welsh's Earle that is stealing the show this episode; David Lynch's deaf FBI boss Gordon Cole returns and wins the episode with some fantastic dialogue and kooky performances. The scene where he arrives with a classified file on Earle - who happens to be listening via a listening device in a bonsai tree - is hilarious, particularly his comment on linkage and sausage. It was also great to see Cooper finally get back his FBI badge and gun again. The reveal that Earle also worked on the classified UFO investigation Project Blue Book adds another intriguing mystery to the villain, a possible connection to Major Briggs too.

I adored the scene in the RR diner where Cole met Shelley while Cooper connects with Annie; I would have been happy if the whole episode had revolved around these moments. Gordon is enraptured with Shelley and their banter is adorable as he realises that with her he doesn't need to shout; he can hear every word this 'Venus di Milo' says. Mädchen Amick and Lynch have an adorable chemistry. And their scene is topped by the hilarious moment the Log Lady talks to Cole and he responds with WOULD YOU PLEASE ASK THE LADY WITH THE LOG SPEAK UP?!" The banter between Cooper and Annie is very sweet too; fresh out of the convent, she doesn't know how to handle social niceties and Kyle MacLachlan perfectly captures Cooper's joy as they talk. I also loved Harry using Cooper's classic line "How long have you been in love with her?" back on him

As for Harry Truman, the fight with Jones at the start of the episode does feel a little haphazard; I assume she tried to kill him because his love for Josie made him a romantic rival of Thomas Eckhardt's. But this whole plot seems a random strand of the larger plot that has largely been resolved. The storyline of Donna spying on her mother seems like it is there to give something to do; it suggests that Ben Horne is actually her father, the result of an illicit affair but this plot doesn't feel necessary, given that she is already in Windom Earle's line of fire. And this week it is Audrey who gets to meet the evil mastermind, disguised as a charming, pipe smoking poetry professor Edward Perkins in the library. And Audrey's burgeoning romance with dashing John Justice Wheeler isn't quite as endearing as Cooper and Annie's but is still quite adorable in its own right.

The finale in the Owl Cave is wonderfully eerie, with Angelo Badalamenti's evocative score adding to the sense of mystery as Andy, Cooper, Hawk and Truman wander through the chasm with torches. The discovery of the markings, mirroring those of Briggs and the Log Lady, build on the supernatural presence that has remerged as of late. Could these be the mysterious black and white lodges? Earle's discovery of the cave could also bring the two most evil forces on the show together; could he be the next man to be possessed by Bob?

We're just a few episodes left of Twin Peaks and the stakes are certainly getting higher; but this episode still proves that it can blend comedy and romance without resorting to silly plotlines. And after this episode, who didn't want Shelley to dump Bobby and run off with the courageous Gordon Cole?

Best Quote

Pretty much every line uttered by Gordon Cole...

Gordon Cole: “The word linkage reminds me of sausage. Never cared much for the links, preferred the patties. But breakfast is a real good idea.


Gordon Cole: “l was wondering if l might trouble you for a cup of strong, black coffee. And in the process, engage you with an anecdote of no small amusement. The name is Gordon Cole, and l couldn't help but notice you from the booth. And well, seeing your beauty now, l feel as though my stomach is filled with a team of bumblebees.


Gordon Cole: “Would you please ask the lady with the log to speak up?

Future episode observations – spoilers afoot…

Windom Earle's discovery of the Owl Cave will lead him to the Black Lodge while poor Annie will go on to win Miss Twin Peaks and be taken by Earle in the finale.

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