Twin Peaks Revisited: 1.07

TV revivals are a big thing. In 2016, The X Files returned to our screens after a 14-year absence and here at The Digital Fix, we revisited key episodes across its ten seasons and two movies. But there is one revival that is surely bigger than that; Twin Peaks will be returning for an unprecedented third season, directed by David Lynch and set twenty-five years after season two’s shocking ending. It is a revival that has everyone excited and anxious in equal measure. With a phenomenal cast, including nearly every original actor there is hope that Twin Peaks’ new season can recapture the magic of the first year and a half. So, like The X Files, we’ve decided to revisit each episode in the build up to the show’s return. We’ll treat each revisit fresh and try to keep major conjecture to future episodes separate. So whether you’re seeking to revisit an old classic or ready to find out what all the fuss is about, let’s return to the world of Twin Peaks

Episode Summary

Audrey and Cooper both head to One Eyed Jacks, though their investigations into Laura Palmer's murder take very different paths. Donna, James and Maddy lay a trap for Doctor Jacoby, while Ben, Josie and Catherine plot against each other and eye witness Miner Bird Waldo is shot after revealing a chilling recount of the night Laura died...


It’s the last episode before the season one finale (it runs at just seven episodes and the pilot) and events are certainly gaining momentum. But it also feels true to David Lynch and Mark Frost's plan to never solve the mystery of who killer Laura Palmer, or at least not as soon as mid-season two, which came at the request of the studio execs. The fun is in the journey and at this point that have a lot of plates spinning, with three separate investigations into Laura’s murder taking place.

Surprisingly, there is not a whiff of the supernatural dark forces present in Twin Peaks. Perhaps it’s because neither Frost or Lynch or involved in the script or direction of this episode; it could be any great murder mystery but it still feels part of the continuing narrative and there is a lot of memorable moments as season one nears its conclusion.

Audrey Horne’s story really gets going this episode. Picking up from the last episode we have an incredibly sweet scene where Cooper rebuffs her naked advances in her bed and offers to buy her fries and stay friends. There is obvious chemistry between them but any romance at this stage would be wholly inappropriate. Audrey's own investigation into Laura’s murder takes an intriguing turn as she spies on her manager and fellow perfume counter employee picked to be hostess or – rather suspiciously – a ‘hostess girl’ at One Eyed Jacks.

Diving right in, Audrey obtains the number for ‘Black Rose’, a woman soon revealed to be the Madame and owner of One Eyed Jacks seen during Ben and Jerry’s previous visit. This is where we get the infamous scene where Audrey ‘auditions’ for Blackie. Dressed in a sexy black dress, she obtains a job by twisting the cherry stem from Blackie’s drink into a bow with her tongue. If you want to know what made Sherilyn Fenn the sex symbol of Twin Peaks, this scene is it.

One Eyed Jacks is also the focus of Cooper’s investigation as he joins fellow ‘Book house Boy’ Ed in infiltrating the establishment as two rich doctors, spending the FBI’s money at the gambling tables as the plucky FBI agent finally makes contact with the mysterious Jacques Renault. Audrey Horne and Dale Cooper are both in the same place, on the same track; unfortunately for Audrey their paths do not cross and there is the sense that she is going to be right over her head, no matter how many times she can pull off a sexy stem twist with her mouth.

The bizarreness that is eye witness Waldo, the malnourished Miner Bird belonging to Jacques Renault continues to evolve as he is shot in the Sheriff’s office, but not before Cooper’s voice-activated tape recorder captures the haunting, mimicked voices of Laura, Jacques and Leo from the night of her murder. It might be the most bizarre eye witness testimony in the history of murder mysterious but in this world that David Lynch has created, anything goes. And surely the image of the bird’s blood splattered over the rows of doughnuts is as evocative an image as any Twin Peaks has created to date?

Talking of Leo, he’s still alive, suffering from a gunshot inflicted by Shelley and out to kill her and his mysterious lover (he hasn’t realised it is Bobby yet despite becoming perilously close to) before he picks up his name on a police scanner, sending him into hiding. One of the things I can’t remember from my re-watch is who killed Waldo (it doesn’t have the same ring as who killed Laura Palmer?), but my money's on Leo, cleaning up his own mess.

Finally we have Maddy, Donna and James’s own investigation into Laura’s murder and the discovery of her secret, sexy tape to Doctor Jacoby. Their story isn’t as interesting as Audrey’s but it sets the scene for something terrible to come as Maddy dresses up as Laura and sends a video of herself holding today’s paper to the rather creepy doctor. They might think Jacoby killed Laura, but the reveal that someone else is watching Jacoby watching Maddy dressed as Laura suggests she could suffer the same fate as her cousin, not realising what effect bringing Laura back will have on others. And of course, it is totally bizarre, not just the fact that Sheryl Lee is playing one character dressed up as another character played by Sheryl Lee!

Even with all this, the plates keep spinning, and not just on the dramatic confrontations taking place on the televised soap Invitation to Love! The row between the world’s most adorable couple Lucy and Andy appears to be the basis of her hormones and a potential bun in the oven, while poor Nadine has had her patent for silent drape runners rejected. And if that silliness doesn’t grab you, the machinations between Ben Horne, Catherine Martell and Josie Packard continue. Harry confronts Josie about her secret actions and she reveals that Catherine and Ben are planning a fire at the mill, setting the stage for the season finale as Harry asks Cooper for help. Catherine, ever the woman in control finally realises that Ben and Josie working against her, creating a life insurance policy that will leave everything to Josie. While Josie seems to be playing against Ben with recently paroled Hank.

What’s great about Twin Peaks is that there isn’t one single mystery. The hunt for Laura Palmer’s killer might provide the central focus but there are layers and layers of backstabbing and intrigue. Even the fun stuff like Lucy and Andy has a certain charm as the show veers from supernatural to murder mystery to soap opera. It’s a tightly wound web with the promise of much more to come!

Best Quote

Waldo: (his last words caught on tape) “ Birdie, birdie, birdie. Want some orange? Come on, let's share. Hello, Waldo. Laura. Laura. Don't go there. Hurting me. Hurting me. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Leo, no! Leo, no!

Future episode observations – spoilers afoot…

We will start to see more of Waldo’s verbal account in season two but the red herring that is Jacques Renault and Leo Johnson continues to veer the investigation far from the truth. The ‘accident’ at the mill will provide the central focus of the season one finale. Maddy dressed as Laura really is the beginning of the end for her. Becoming her cousin, she will eventually meet the same fate and if I am correct…the real killer is watching her now…

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