Top Ten: TV Moustaches

In recent years the month of November has been claimed by the Movember movement. Men all around the world stop shaving and grow moustaches for one month to raise money and highlight men's health issues. To do our bit to highlight the cause and support the movement, here's a quick top ten of moustaches that have appeared on our televisions over the years. There's more than you'd think of to choose from, and while I have my favourites, these aren't in a particularly strict order. Honourable mentions include Gomez Addams, Basil Fawlty, the entire male cast of Deadwood and, depending on your view of moustache/beards Will Riker and Walter White.

10. Ned Flanders (The Simpsons)


Taking the spot I'd originally put aside for Scottie from Star Trek (before I realised he only had his moustache in the films), we have Ned Flanders, one of the most famous neighbours in the world. His perky cheerful personality is as well-known as his moustache, and he deserves a definite mention here.

9. Dick Dastardly (Wacky Races amongst others)


Looking like famous British moustachioed comedian, Terry Thomas, Dick Dastardly and his amazing sidekick Muttley brightened up my childhood with their evil plotting through Hanna Barbera's Wacky Races. Though they appeared in other cartoons, this is the one they're most famous for. And Dastardly had an amazing moustache on him, one that sticks out almost at right-angles. And don't worry, not all the entries here are cartoon characters - though it did cross my mind!

8. Hercule Poirot (Poirot)


Peter Ustinov may have sported an incredible moustache as Poirot, but as we're dealing with television here, David Suchet and his 'tache have made the list. It's another iconic character, known for their moustache as much as their personalities.

7. Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (Doctor Who)


This has nothing to do with the 48th birthday of Doctor Who this week, nor the fact that this year we lost Nicholas Courtney, the actor who brought The Brigadier to life. No, it's in celebration of the Doctor's closest friend on Earth, and displays a trend of military or police/detectives sporting moustaches in TV shows. Moustaches - not just for bad guys!

6. Mike Watt (Spaced)


Tim's best friend, Mike wanted to join the Army but couldn't on medical grounds, so has to make do with the Territorial Army instead. He's an integral part of this quirky British comedy and was Nick Frost's first acting role. Not only memorable for his man-crush on Tim, or his invasion of Eurodisney, but also for his awesome moustache, easily earning a spot in this list.

5. Colonel K (Dangermouse)


My third animated entry, because the Colonel's amazingly bushy moustache always epitomised the character for me. As Dangermouse's boss, he's mostly seen via a TV screen within the show, barking orders or keeping Dangermouse and Penfold in check.

4. Jason King (Jason King)


The only entry I didn't actually watch 'live' due to my age, but there's no escaping the majesty of Peter Wyngarde's moustache as he brought to life this dandy ex-detective turned novelist. Worth noting that Jason King was one of the main inspirations for the character of Austin Powers. You just don't see moustaches quite like this nowadays (generally) and it's a full-bodied reminder of some of the wonders of the 70s!

3. Earl Hickey (My Name is Earl)


Jason Lee takes the main role in this charming comedy about a ne'er-do-well who discovers the power of karma and decides to make up for all his previous mistakes in life by doing good deeds for those he's wronged. A show that started off really well despite tailing off a bit in later seasons. One thing that can't be mistaken though, is the quality of that 'tache.

2. Battery Sergeant Major Williams (It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum)


My childhood was awash with British-made sitcoms that kept us all chuckling with their wacky and naive sense of humour. One of the classics of this age was It Ain't Half Hot, Mum, which followed the exploits ofof a Royal Artillery Concert Party during the Second World War. I always loved big musical numbers, so this was a show for me. And, at its heart was Battery Sergeant Major Williams, played by Windsor Davies - an actor truly known for his moustache more than his character names!

1. Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI)


Surely, the daddy of all television moustaches! Tom Selleck, another actor known as much for his facial hair as any of his roles (and yes, he was also in Friends and I could have included him in that, but Magnum was the role we all really first came to know both actor and moustache). Set in Hawai'i, the show made Selleck a household name in the 80s, showing previous decades that moustaches are for every season. Of course, Selleck's moustache was also a major talking point of his stint in Friends/

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