Top Ten: Gorgeous TV Blokes

A few things became worryingly apparent to me when compiling this list. The first is that I seem to be attracted to arrogant scoundrels. The second is that I clearly have a troubling admiration for men who can beat other men/creatures into next week without breaking a sweat. The third is that I’m possibly the only woman on the planet to prefer Jack to Sawyer.

Those worries aside, I have compiled a list of ten of the most gorgeous blokes on TV. It’s not in any particular order, because quite frankly I had trouble enough narrowing it down to ten. It also features a healthy sprinkling of TV doctors, proving once more that I am a walking cliche. Enjoy.

John Winchester - Supernatural
imageIt was a toss up between Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character in Supernatural or in Grey’s Anatomy. Winchester won because I decided I had enough doctors, and I quite like men who can kick some series supernatural arse.

Let me make one thing clear before we start. Jefffrey Dean Morgan is a beautiful, beautiful man. He should be hailed, along with Robert Downey Jr. and John Barrowman, as having a face that should be framed and hung in an art gallery. But John Winchester is a beautiful, beautiful man who is all manly and dirty and tormented and mysterious ‘n stuff. I don’t think I need to say any more on this subject. We heart John Winchester.

The Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who
imageWhen David Tennant smashed his way onto our screens, a wealth of Doctor Who fans swooned. Although he’d previously been delicious in shows like Blackpool and Casanova, it was Doctor Who where he achieved real fame — and a real reputation for being totally gorgeous.

What is it about David as the Doctor that makes him so appealing? He’s not what we’d traditionally lust after — he’s scrawny, has a bit of a hook nose and has far too many teeth for one human mouth. But when he shares a screen with Captain Jack Harkness, the epitome of what we’re supposed to like, Tennant’s the one who gets all the attention. And when I was looking at pictures of him to point out his flaws, I got distracted and ended up searching through them for ten minutes. If that’s not an indication of lushness, I don’t know what is.

Sam Beckett - Quantum Leap
imageAhhh, Scott Bakula. He has the most pleasing face known to mankind. I could write an entire feature on why I love Scott Bakula’s nose (I won’t, but I could). He has the face of a Very Nice Man, the kind of man that you’d take home to meet your parents. He also has the body of a Greek God. It’s a nice balance.

But although Scott Bakula is lush, it’s the character of Sam that is so attractive. He’s such a good guy, someone who’ll always do what’s right and would look after you in every situation. However he can also do manly things like beating bad guys up, racing cars and fixing things. He’s also a genius; he has doctorates in music, medicine, quantum physics, archaeology, ancient languages, chemistry and astronomy, he speaks English, Spanish, French, Russian, German and Japanese, and he won the Nobel Prize. Frankly, it’s a good thing Sam Beckett isn’t a real person or I would quite happily destroy anyone and anything that stood in my way of marrying him.

Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock
imageI really don’t like the character of Sherlock. I think he’s an arrogant, unkind arse and were I to ever meet him I would most likely endeavour to never do so again. However, I fancy the pants off him and, judging by Twitter whenever an episode of Sherlock was on, so do most other women in the country.

This is another one that’s slightly weird. As Caitlin Moran pointed out, Benedict Cumberbatch looks exactly like Sid, the sloth from Ice Age. But Sherlock is dreamy. Maybe it’s because he’s so intelligent, maybe it’s because he’s completely uninterested in the opposite sex and we all want what we can’t have, maybe it’s just that fantastic coat (sales of which increased after) but there’s definitely something that makes him incredibly fanciable.

Tom Quinn, Adam Carter and Lucas North - Spooks
imageSpooks — bringing women tasty, broken men to lust over since 2002.

When I asked on Twitter which men I should include in this list, ladies jumped on me to nominate the Spooks boys. Whether you like the beautiful eyes of Matthew Macfayden, the incredible suit-wearing skills of Rupert Penry-Jones, the chiselled profile of Richard Armitage or the frankly incredible torsos of all three, it’s almost certain that there is someone in Spooks to feature in your 3pm daydreams.

What makes the main men of Spooks so delectable is that they’re not just good-looking men who can fight their way out of a terrorist cell with only a shoebox and an intense stare, they’re also kind hearted souls who can kiss you until your legs go weak and then give you a big cuddle. It’s hard to resist that kind of multi-talented individual.

Also, for Adam Carter at least, one lovely lady said that he had a "combination of handsomeness and a look that suggests he's properly filthy behind closed doors" Well, quite.

Dr. Perry Cox - Scrubs
imageWhat is it that is so attractive about bastards? Why do I go all fluttery when Dr. Cox calls his male intern Belinda and snaps “you neurotic one-woman freak show, take your blah-blah to the blah-blah-ologist” at his female one? Why do I find his ego-centric posturing so alluring? Why do I want to jump on him when he’s just so mean? Is it because he’s incredible funny with his nastiness? Or because he’s a clever and an extremely talented doctor?

I actually think it’s because underneath it all, he’s a nice guy. He does superficially bad things all the time, but he is actually a very nice man. He works his backside off for his patients, he adores and does right by his equally nasty ex-wife/girlfriend Jordan and although he is hard on his interns, he looks after them. Awwww. Plus, on the few rare occasions he takes his shirt off he has an incredible body. Muscles on his muscles. And I like his curly hair.

See also: Dr. House, from House. Dr. Cox and Dr. House are pretty much the same person and this is, quite categorically, the only role that Hugh Laurie can be considered gorgeous in.

Simon Casey - Teachers
imageI was torn between Mr. Lincoln’s character in Teachers or in The Walking Dead. I ended up going for Teachers for two reasons: his American accent is slightly offputting, and he gets naked a lot in Teachers.

Andrew Lincoln is, of course, famous for melting the heart of every teenage girl in the country with his signs of love to Keira Knightly in Love Actually. In Teachers, he plays a man-child; an English teacher who has more in common with the kids than the teachers. He’s immature, lazy and has to borrow his flatmate’s bed when his girlfriend comes round because he doesn’t have one. He’s also strangely endearing, with a cheeky attitude and genuinely good heart that makes him the kind of guy that you simultaneously despair of and think is a bit scrummy. Plus, he gets his bottom out. A LOT. And it’s a very, very nice bottom. Worth the money for the box set on its own.

Jack Shephard - Lost
imageI couldn’t decide between Jack and Sawyer, originally, but Jack won out because Sawyer was the man who had the most sex on the Island, so he was clearly getting enough appreciation there.

So why is Jack so lovely? Matthew Fox is, obviously, an extremely handsome man, with a face that looks like it was carved from marble by a sculptor in Ancient Greece. He’s also clever, kind, authoritative, and in need of the love of a good woman — the guy has so many problems, I think he needs someone nice to give him a big cuddle. This mix of being strong and so utterly broken at the same time makes him strangely attractive, and earns him a place on this list.

Prince Arthur - Merlin
imageAgain with a cocky, self-absorbed pillock...I’m starting to worry about my taste in men.

I have a soft spot for Merlin, but the real eye-candy in Merlin is Prince Arthur. Blonde hair, steely grey eyes, a chiselled jaw, the ability to ride a horse and wield a sword, a penchant for running off and doing the right thing no matter how awkward it may be for him or how much trouble it will get him in with his father, a voice that should be on an M&S advert and confidence and command of almost everyone and everything around him. Arthur is a good bloke and Bradley James is a good-looking bloke. Win-win.

Dr. Doug Ross - ER
imageWhen I was a child, there were photos of this man everywhere in our house. Now I’m old enough to appreciate the chocolate voice and perfect, perfect face of George Clooney, he doesn’t really do it for me — but Doug Ross was and is lusted over by women worldwide, so I couldn’t really have a list of good-looking TV blokes without including him. Let’s face it, he’s the original TV crush.

Doug Ross is a mess. He has a son that he never sees, serious daddy issues, he doesn’t respect authority, he drinks too much, drove his on-off girlfriend to suicide in the first episode (and then put her through hell a few hundred times more) and is genuinely a bit of a sod. We should hate him. But we don’t. We love him. We love him a lot. Why? Well, firstly he’s an extremely talented paediatrician; anyone who can bring one child back from the brink of death and make another laugh when he’s worried about an injection will always elicit some sympathy and admiration.

However, the main reason we love Doug Ross is, let’s be honest, George Clooney. For although he doesn’t do it for me, I can well appreciate that he is one fine hunk of manhood. And for that, we will forgive much.

What do you think? Do you agree with the list, or are there people you would have removed/added? Let us know in the comments.

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