The Walking Dead – Season 3 Finale Death Guesser!

Who will die in the upcoming prison/Governor war? The third season of The Walking Dead concludes this weekend, and we’ve got your death guesses right here.

Grimy TV slaughterhouse The Walking Dead is approaching a season finale – it airs this weekend in the US – which means surely at least one character must die? The equivalent prison/Governor plotline in the comics certainly knocked off a lot of people at its conclusion.

So, this seems a good time to run through some characters and take a stab at who might be for the chop next. BEWARE: possible spoilers for episodes up to and including the penultimate.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

Will lead character and recovering maniac Rick Grimes be the next to go? I don’t think so – I can imagine a world in which The Walking Dead tries to carry on without Rick, but I don’t think that day has yet dawned. However, I include him in this list, because there is a certain famous mutilation Grimes sustains in the comics, and I think we might see that this weekend. FATALITY FACTOR: 0.5/5

Tyreese & Chums (Chad Coleman & Chums)

Tyreese himself is probably safe, he was introduced quite recently with some fanfare and hasn’t really done anything yet – most recently seen tentatively hanging around the Governor. However, his little team of sidekicks are screwed – a few of them must die shortly to teach him an important lesson about choosing associates more carefully. FATALITY FACTOR: Tyreese – 1/5, Chums – 4/5

Maggie & Glenn (Lauren Cohan & Steven Yeun)

They’re the most likable characters on the show, they’ve been particularly cute lately, so basically one or both of them are probably about to die. I reckon we could see a tragic-romantic double-death, but if only one of them is granted the sweet escape of death, my money’s on Glenn asthe survivor. Imagine a long, miserable Dark Glenn storyline. Sounds fun. FATALITY FACTOR: 4/5

Beth Greene (Emily Kinney)

Long-term singing babyholding background character. Much like poor T-Dog, she’s been around long enough to get characterisation, yet hardly ever does anything, which makes her a good candidate to die, in the hope we’ll feel bad due to her longevity. (I will admit she had more characterisation than T-Dog.) I reckon her daddy Hershel might be safe, though – he fills a role other characters don’t. FATALITY FACTOR: 3/5

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride)

A character who has increasingly got the best lines and most insightful moments in this season, after being a total spare part during previous years. I really hope she doesn’t die, simply because it would be nice to give her a more substantial storyline first, but if they want bodies for a big finale bash, I suppose she might get called into service. FATALITY FACTOR: 2/5

Milton Mamet (Dallas Roberts)

Hard to call whether the Governor’s scientist pal will make it – he’s had a bit of spotlight and shown to not be pure evil, so maybe he could join the prison survivors. On the other hand, it would appeal to this show’s love of tragic misery to have him die shortly after seeing the light. FATALITY FACTOR: 2/5

Michonne (Danai Gurira)

New character, had a lot of screentime but only a few good moments. Probably safe, because it seems they’d want to do more with her. FATALITY FACTOR: 1/5

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)

Sensitive yet manly reformed redneck, beloved by fanbase. Safe as houses unless they just want to upset people. FATALITY FACTOR: 0.5/5

The Governor (David Morrissey)

Villain of season three and recently descended into cartoonish psychopathy. Definitely going to die. FATALITY FACTOR: 5/5

So, that’s my guesses at the deaths in The Walking Dead season three finale. Who do you think is not long for the zombie-infested world?

Nick Bryan

Updated: Mar 28, 2013

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