The Great British Bake Off Series 9 Episode 8 Liveblog

Quarter final time on Bake Off this week. Quarter finals. How has that happened? The passing of time is truly relentless, isn't it? One moment you're welcoming a whole load of new bakers into a gigantic tent, and the next you're staring at a much smaller number of bakers still in a gigantic tent and wondering where the rest of them went and how we all got to this point and where the hell Dan went, because he was great and should totally still be there.

Still, despite what that intro may suggest, it's not Existential Crisis week this week. It's actually Danish Week, which is perhaps producer shorthand for "we panicked about needing another week so just looked at the presenters" week. Guess we've got Goth Week coming soon. Or perhaps Questionable Mod Haircut Week.

Anyway. Join us at 8pm to see how it all goes.

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