Television Top Trumps - Stephanie Horton vs Sara Lance

Mad Men and Arrow don’t immediately strike you as two shows with lots in common; one’s all about original catfish Don Draper in slick 60s New York, while the other’s about a superhero in fictional Star City. But it’s not just leading men with assumed identities that tie the shows together. There’s also Caity Lotz, who plays both Stephanie Horton in Mad Men, and Sara Lance in Arrow. So who wins when the two go into battle?


Stephanie: Hippy. Great big dirty hippy. But it is the 60s, so we can just about forgive her for that. 6/10

Sara: Lots of black, lots of leather. Supposedly it’s because she a superhero, but fighting bad guys in a corset really doesn’t come across as all that comfortable or that great an idea. Surely she needs to be able to breathe? 4/10


Stephanie: Sort of Don Draper in a roundabout he stole her uncle’s identity kind of way. So not really Don Draper at all. But the actual Draper family seem like a nice bunch. 7/10

Sara: The Lances are a minor catastrophe. There’s the mother who’s skipped out, the father who’s a permanently angry recovering alcoholic, the sister who’s a crime-fighting and mildly deranged recovering alcoholic…it’s no wonder she didn’t let them know when she was first back in town. 2/10


Stephanie: Apart from being good at arguing, her main skill seems to be in getting Don to go to a Californian hippy retreat. Possibly using witchcraft, or some kind of Jedi mindtrick. Because that really doesn’t seem like the kind of place Don would wish to go. 7/10

Sara: Has a variety of ways to murder people, or fight them, or otherwise cause them harm, all taught to her by the charming sounding League of Assassins. She’s also pretty good at pissing off her family, and turning out to not actually be dead when everyone thought she was. 10/10


Stephanie: Gets hit on by her not-uncle Don, which is not at all creepy in any way. And then gets knocked up by a mystery man, which doesn’t seem like a great thing to happen to you when you’re unwed and it’s 1969. 5/10

Sara: Terrible. Appalling. Really very bad. Goes off on a fancy yacht trip with her sister’s boyfriend and nearly drowns. Falls in love with a mildly psychotic woman from the League of Assassins and incurs the wrath of the most evil man on earth. But doesn’t get accidentally pregnant, which is probably a good thing with those corsets. 2/10


Stephanie: Despite the getting knocked up when it was very much frowned on, and the then abandoning her child, she actually seems pretty morally solid. She abandons the child because she thinks she’d be bad for it. She tells Don that her aunt is dying of cancer because she thinks he deserves to know. She gets out of the way when she thinks she’s causing trouble in Don’s marriage. She definitely deserves points for effort. 8/10

Sara: Seemingly non-existent, or at the very least totally scrambled. There’s the shagging her sister’s boyfriend, the murdering sprees, the lying to her family about whether she’s alive or not, and the getting in the way of Oliver and Felicity, who are clearly the best couple in all of Arrow. And yet we’re supposed to really like her. We're not convinced. 2/10


Stephanie: Unkown. She abandons Don at a hippy retreat after a particularly traumatic group therapy session. In fairness, I think most people would do the same after being turned on by a bunch of whacked-out hippies. 6/10

Sara: Seems to die, but of course she doesn’t really. Instead she’s plunged into a pool of magic (still in that corset) and comes back to life as some kind of rabid, evil beast. Which is sure to turn out well for everyone. 1/10


Despite the fact that she’s up against a trained killer, Stephanie takes it with 39 compared to Sara’s measly 21. We knew that fighting in a corset was a bad idea.

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