Star Trek: Discovery – Our hopes and concerns for the future of Star Trek

With new details emerging about the new Star Trek series, Baz Greenland asks what it means for the future of the franchise…

The 1990’s were a great time to be a Star Trek fan. Star Trek: The Next Generation hit its stride creatively, it was joined by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which blossomed into a darker, deeper and more fascinating series and even Star Trek: Voyager had its moments. On top of that we have several films, from the mediocre Star Trek: The Final Frontier to the brilliant Star Trek: First Contact. It’s a period in time that I loved. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine soon became my favourite and I have great memories of eagerly buying the next VHS tape as it was released, watching the Dominion War unfold over numerous episodes. I even admit, I brought the Star Trek fact files for a while (about 100 fortnightly issues in total!).

Now I’m in my 30’s, I’m not as passionate as I was in my teens, but I still think upon the Star Trek franchise with fond memories. I’ve replaced my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine VHS tapes with the complete DVD collection and occasionally dip into an episode or two. I really enjoyed catching up on some episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, when it was released in shiny HD on Syfy UK a couple of years back, re-watching some classic episodes that I hadn’t seen in two decades. I am less enamoured with recent ‘reboot’ movies. The 2009 Star Trek was surprisingly fun, but I haven’t seen the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness since I caught it in the cinema. It had its moments, but – like many – there is a lot I’m not particularly fond of. And I’ve still got to catch the new movie Star Trek Beyond. I want to see it, and yet, I don’t have that same rush of excitement to see it like the 15-year old me did went I went to see Star Trek: First Contact three times.

Part of that reason is that Star Trek at its core, works best on TV. While it has its fair share of action, part of its beauty as a premise, is the science and exploration, the study of what is out there among the stars.


Updated: Sep 08, 2016

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