Last week today: or the week in short

Another week, another crazy mix of the team's televisual viewing: donut competitions; Devonshire murders; outer space anomalies; comedy cops; African animals; and terrible sitcoms.

Broadchurch (Monday, ITV): There's been a lot of anti-Broadchurch comments this series and yes some of it feels a little far fetched. But I am still enjoying a show that doesn't settle with they arrested the baddie and everyone lived happily ever after and actually dealing with what comes after; intrigued to see where the show goes next. (Baz Greenland)

Paul O’Grady’s Animal Orphans (Wednesday, ITV): The Liverpudlian can be mildly annoying but this show works because he’s genuinely passionate about animals and is as good with people as with our furry/hairy friends. (Max Mazonowicz)

Donut Showdown (Pretty much anytime you want, TLC): If you think donuts are limited to those crazy flavours in Krispy Creme or the 50p a bag custard or jammy ones from Tesco then think again; these donuts have genuinely weird ingredients: salt & vinegar crisps, bacon, BBQ ribs, anything goes and it’s ace. (MM)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4): Every workplace should have the Jimmy Jab Games; a comedy that is consistently funny week after week. Also, please can we have more of Captain Holt's evil nemesis Deputy Chief Wuntchs every week please? (BG)

Suits (Thursday, Dave): The war between Harvey and Mike is bubbling along nicely - kudos for the show for not going back to the norm after a couple of episodes. Still one of the most entertaining dramas on TV. (BG)

Marry Me (Thursday, E4): As a married man, I found the first episode surprisingly funny , the second a little amusing and this week's episode...well it wasn't very funny at all. At least Casey Wilson was funny as Penny in Happy Endings... (BG)

Ross Kemp Extreme World (Thursday, Sky 1): There was a time when people laughed at Kemp and his “documentaries” - not anymore. The former Grant Mitchell gets access to people and places that you won’t see on other shows, and while there’s not quite as much depth as he’d like to think they are fascinating and scary glimpses into other worlds. (MM)

Ascension (Friday, Sky 1): A kinda confusing end to a thoroughly enjoyable show; there surely has to be a second season of this sci-fi soap opera to tie up those unfinished stories. (MM)

The Last Leg (Friday, Channel 4): Nick Clegg on The Last Leg was bloody brilliant! As awkward as he looked, fair game to him for going on the show, he definitely earned some points with the public on this one! (BG)

Transparent (Whenever you fancy, Amazon) Just to confirm the notion last week that this is an excellent show about nothing but a bunch of spoilt brats; even Jeffrey Tambor sails close to unlikeable near the end. (MM)

The Eichmann Show (iPlayer, BBC) This was an excellent drama of a horrific real life trial, depicting some of the most horrendous atrocities known to humankind; it was all anchored by a terrific award worthy performance from Martin Freeman, even his American accent held out. (MM)

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