Last week today, or the week in short: 1st April 2015

This week our selection of short staff reviews covers terrestrial and satellite/cable channels. Fill your boots.

Raised By Wolves (Channel 4, Monday) Every so often a surprising and sweet comedy comes along. This is one of those. Skilfully written with well drawn characters, Caitlin Moran’s comedy is a touching, gross and funny reflection on real life. (Max Mazonowicz)

University Challenge & Only Connect (BBC2, Monday) Paxman hasn’t left the BBC then; he’s still at it, being snarky and smug with those arch intellectuals from the countries best university’s. And he’s followed by the UK’s premier smart TV female, Victoria Coren Mitchell (no hyphenate). Her show is entertaining, in a weird way, but frustrating as they make up almost completely random and not actually clever questions and answers. (MM)

Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure (BBC2, Tuesday) The two Irishmen set off on a journey across southern North America and it’s refreshing to see two friends on a journey like this rather than two randoms thrown together. Their almost totally opposite personalities complement each other; this is nice rather than essential viewing. (MM)

Elementary (Living, Tuesday) A surprise off-screen appearance of an old foe helped elevate this week's story, though it did feel like they glossed over a whole episode' worth of Watson-development at the beginning just to get to the next case. (Baz Greenland)

Grey's Anatomy (Living, Tuesday) A slight come down after the Herman brain surgery story line but still fun as always. Grey's is always engaging with cool cases, even if some of the best characters have moved on from the show after all these years. (BG)

DCI Banks (ITV, Wednesday) This used to be OK, now it’s not. The epitome of the stereotype of the British: dour, dowdy, desperate. Make it stop. (MM)

The Big Bang Theory (Thursday, E4) Still fun but like Friends and Fraiser before it I think the magic of earlier years has started to fade. Is it me or is it all a little too comfortable? (BG)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4) If this show loses Holt, it needs to end - he continues to be the highlight of every episode, though there was plenty of laughs with Peralta and Boyle's eight-day stakeout. (BG)

Suits (Dave, Thursday) Lewis Litt turned from tragic character to monster this week and it was fun to see every character squirm as he got his comeuppance. Though I hope Dark-Litt is at an end now or it will suck all the fun out of the show... (BG)

Scandal (Living, Thursday) Plenty of political power plays between the President, his Vice President and Olivia and her captors, that would put Frank Underwood to shame; though they they obviously don't have the subtlety of his Machiavellian ways. (BG)

Forever (Living, Thursday) This show is getting stronger, and the return of fellow immortal Adam really helped take things up a gear as the episode delved into the horrors of the Nazi regime and slave trading as the present balanced the past. (BG)

Fortitude (Sky Atlantic, Thursday) As Sky’s most expensive original drama draws to a close there are still questions out there, though many of the main ones are starting to get an answer. It’s been a slow burner of a show but well worth sticking with. How it’s viewed will ultimately hinge on how it eneds; don’t disappoint us now Sky! (MM)

The Voice (BBC 1, Saturday) The second live show was better than the first though my two favourites didn't get through. Some amazing acts though, much better than the X Factor. Oh and who let Cousin It perform? (BG)

Poldark (BBC1, Sunday) This might be the best Sunday night show in the last couple of years. Well written, well acted, well satisfying. (MM)

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