Last week today, or the week in short: 17th March 2015

A lot to cover this week, making up for last week's lost time.

Better Call Saul (Netflix, Monday) A terrific character piece this week, as we explored Mike's tragic backstory - complete with a fantastic performance from Jonathan Banks. (Louis Rabinowitz)

Arthur and George (ITV, Monday) A nice turn from Martin Clunes centres this soft drama. It's going slow, with slight nods to the etiquette of the time; things are just that bit too close to the actual (fictional) Sherlock Holmes. (Max Mazonowicz)

The Walking Dead (Fox, Monday) Another enjoyable episode as the crew settle in to Alexandria with a terrific moment for Carol - but the show seems to be slightly spinning its wheels. (LR)

The Flash (Sky 1, Tuesday) TV's best comic book show continues to excel with a terrific action-packed episode featuring Firestorm and a mind-controlling gorilla (!). (LR)

The 100 (E4, Tuesday) More gorilla action in this week's The 100, which delivered some reliably solid thrills with a fairly barmy central action set piece. (LR)

Elementary (Living, Tuesday) One of the strongest episodes since the show begun with a thrilling conclusion to Kitty's story line that kept me guessing to the end. I wasn't so sure when she joined season three, but Ophelia Lovibond knocked it out of the park this week. (Baz Greenland)

Grey's Anatomy (Living, Tuesday) A show that continues to make you care about the characters as much as the cool surgical cases and this week had both as the countdown to Herman's brain surgery began. Eagerly awaiting the outcome next week! (BG)

DCI Banks (ITV, Wednesday) Thank god this two parter is over. The last series of Peter Robinson's dour detective was a massive improvement on previous series but this was DULL with capitals all the way. (MM)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (E4, Thursday) A disastrous double date, a hotel room full of creepy dolls and Detective Boyle teaching Captain Holt some culinary skills were just some of the highlights of another great week at Brooklyn's 99th Precinct. (BG)

Suits (Dave, Thursday) Poor Louis Litt, I genuinely felt sorry for him as his world came crashing down this week; a clever resolution to Sean Cahill's war against Pearson Specter with the show continuing to shake up the dynamic in a way that keeps Suits fresh four seasons in. (BG)

Scandal (Living, Thursday) Scandal turned into Alias this week as we saw an imprisoned Olivia Pope fight to escape her captors. My wife was kind fond of Jake running around in his underwear too. (BG)

Forever (Living, Thursday) Ioan Gruffudd's supernatural-lite procedural drama returned and was still as fun as I remembered. It is not going to top anyone's list of great shows but the mystery and characterisation keep me coming back week after week. (BG)

Arrow (Sky 1, Thursday) The return of Deathstroke wasn't executed quite as well as it could have been, but this week's episode was a fun episode packed with fan service and nods to previous characters. (LR)

Comic Relief (BBC 1, Friday) The same old with Red Nose Day, a sprinkling of inspired skits - Stephen Hawkings does Little Britain, Bond with a girl's voice - and a chunk of heart wrenching mini-docs that everyone should be made to watch at least once a year to forget about their first world problems. (MM)

The Voice (BBC 1, Saturday) Saturday night was definitely stronger but the majority of great acts went through to the live shows in both episodes. Let's hope at least one star is born this year because the talent is definitely higher then The X Factor. (BG)

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV, Saturday) Self indulgent this week, although you could argue that's the premise of the show, the End Of The Show Show was excellent though, the Geordie duo at their Morcambe and Wise aping best. (MM)

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