Last week today, or the week in short: 16th February 2015

This week we've a couple of alternative views on ITV's leading drama, plenty of Sky shows, The Voice and more.

Broadchurch (Monday ITV): Finally the show is back to the brilliance of season one; for a moment I though we had been blindsided by Hardy's death. Great to see Ellie taking control and the mystery of Sandbrook providing some answers at last. (Baz Greenland)

Broadchurch (Monday, ITV): I’m with Baz, a strong episode, certainly the best since week one of this second series; a little less backstory for the new characters and a little more of the townsfolk would do wonders for the show though. (Max Mazonowicz)

Grey's Anatomy (Wednesday, Living): Grey's usually balances drama, comedy and death pretty well, but was it just me or was this mid-season opener thoroughly grim? Something lighter please next week. (BG)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4): Another brilliant battle of the wills between Captain Holt and Deputy Chief Wuntch. Holt and Peralta searching for the mole was brilliant, particularly the investigation at Holt's house and the stripy guest pyjamas! (BG)

Fortitude (Thursday, Sky Atlantic): Whilst it’s kinda intriguing this show is moving slower than the proverbial iceberg; it seems to be lining things up but seriously, something happen already! (MM)

Suits (Thursday, Dave): Mike's fall from grace continues though it is nice to see how much he acknowledged being an ass last week. Donna and Lewis's Shakespeare pep talks were brilliant and the show continues to be fun, slick and as gripping as ever. (BG)

Scandal (Thursday, Living): Utterly ridiculous, utterly compelling, season four has been on fine form and poor Jake has lost everything. An interesting take on Ronald Regan, Nancy Regan and his attempted assassination with a great twist at the end! (BG)

The Last Leg (Friday, Channel 4): I've always found David Mitchell a little irritating but he was a fantastic guest this week. Love this show though I'm not convinced the ending musical numbers always work. (BG)

The Voice (Saturday, BBC1): More great performances and the judges continue to be as entertaining as ever. The spinning chairs auditions still remains the best bit of The Voice. (BG)

Call The Midwife (Sunday, BBC1): There may be signposts for the plot all the way through but this is Sunday night comfort food; time to unwind after a big meal and a couple of beers. (MM)

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