Last week today, or the week in short: 13th April 2015

After a week off for the bank holiday our one line reviews are back in force.

Code Of A Killer (Monday, ITV) What could have been dry and dull is brought to life by John Simm and his almost scene chewing mannersisms. Though when you're starting at sheets of DNA something's got to make it exciting for TV. Good stuff. (Max Mazonowicz)

Elementary (Tuesday, Living) Great episode that had the audience believing Sherlock Holmes was guilty of a murder he didn't remember committing. Holmes and Watson are back on form again after the loss of Kitty. (Baz Greenland)

Back In Time For Dinner (Tuesday, BBC2) No-one does food programmes like the Beeb and this Giles Coren (could it be anyone else) presented show is great. Not only is is nostalgic, covering the 80s this week, but it's interesting, fun, involves a minor celeb each week, and covers the fads of the time, this week soda stream. (MM)

Grey's Anatomy (Tuesday, Living) A bit too much relationship angst and not enough cool surgical cases this week but still enjoyable fare. (BG)

DCI Banks (Wednesday, ITV) Better, but still too droll and dour. And Christ Alan show some emotion. Please man! (MM)

The Big Bang Theory (Thursday, E4) A really fun episode with some hilarious fan fiction from Amy; unfortunately a rare episode where I laughed a lot rather than just a few smiles. (BG)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4) Secrets and lies this week as Peralta was forced to keep a pregnancy secret and pay off his debts to everyone. No the strongest episode but still plenty of fun. (BG)

Suits (Thursday, Dave) Road trips are always fun and it is nice that there is 'fun' back on the show after a dramatic few weeks; not sure what purpose the flashbacks had though. (BG)

Scandal (Thursday, Living) An interesting case after the dramatic Olivia auction of the last few weeks that got right to the heart of racial tensions with the police. A captivating, thought-provoking episode. (BG)

Forever (Thursday, Living) This show is getting surprisingly good now, with some big revelations about Henry's wife and an amusing return for dominatrix-turned psychology professor Molly Dawes. (BG)

Fortitude (Thursday, Sky Atlantic) To steal from the great Michael Caine, "And I never thought it would be the bees. They've always been our friends!" Except it was wasps and they've never been our friends. Still, weird ending.

Inside No.9 (Thursday, BBC2) My first experience of the show and as a big fan of The League Of Gentlemen, this episode captured the same dark, twisted comedy in a tale of witch hunters and a trial in 17th Century England. David Warner was excellent as always as the hapless local magistrate. (BG)

Inside No.9 (Thursday, BBC2) Unlike Baz this is a favourite show of mine, and I hated League of Gentlemen. Each week the genius of Pemberton and Sheersmith is fab to watch. A full series review is in order for this. In the meantime get on the bandwagon people. (MM)

Daredevil (Anytime you like, Netflix) Absolutely loved the first two episodes, the pace and tone is very different from the usual Marvel Cinematic Universe and the show is really taking its time to develop the core characters. The end fight sequence at the end of episode two was stunning; brilliantly choreographed. (BG)

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