Last week today, or the week in short: 11th March 2015

A limited selection this week, the new telly box in the office has been playing up.

Arthur & George (ITV, Monday) Replacing the behemoth Broadchurch with something that would normally be a quite Sunday night affair might seem a little risk conscious but Martin Clunes work here goes a long way to making the show charming. (Max Mazonowicz)

Elementary (Living, Tuesday) Great development in the Kitty story line and a surprise cliffhanger. Looking forward to seeing where this goes next. (Baz Greenland)

Grey's Anatomy (Living, Tuesday) Some interesting stories this week, but eleven seasons in even the bizarre seemed a little obvious. Still enjoyable though! (BG)

Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief (BBC1, Wednesday) The cake making show is at the point of over saturation now, Masterchef is the prime example of wringing a format dry and you worry for the future of GBBO. Still, it's fun watching celebs try to bake. (MM)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4) Consistently funny and the most fun US sitcom currently on TV; Captain Holt 's deadpan responses steal the show. (BG)

Suits (Dave, Thursday) Mike's return to Pearson Specter finally got the show back to what it does best; I feel sorry for Lewis though - is this the end for him? (BG)

Scandal (Living, Thursday) Olivia Pope vs both her evil parents; this is what makes this show so fun and so ridiculous at the same time! Great cliffhanger too! (BG)

Fortitude (Sky Atlantic, Thursday) It's all getting crazier out in the ice; with mystery and a rumbling of supernatural/otherworldy goings on. Hopefully the show will stay interesting and not go the way of Lost. (MM)

The Voice (BBC 1, Saturday) A great conclusion to the Battle rounds with an amazing version of a Mike And The Mechanics's NOT the live shows. We have the knock outs as the show tries to avoid becoming The X Factor for as long as possible! (BG)

Poldark (BBC1, Sunday) Yeah yeah, Aidan Turner is hot, whatever. Get past your girlfriend going on about him and you've got a likable Sunday night show here, not too demanding in week one but now the characters are established where will we go. (MM)

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