Last week today, or the week in short: 11th February 2015

Two days late and a dollar short, well a few mini-reviews short; feast your eyes on our round-up of last week’s TV.

Broadchurch (Monday, ITV): Something happened this week there was a spark of series one magic and I am now really intrigued to see where the second series is going; great to see some proper cracks in the defence of Joe Miller though I do wonder if he is going to go free - that would certainly provide a twist to everything series one was building too! (Baz Greenland)

Only Connect (Monday, BBC2): This is one strange show; a game show for geeks, hosted by the slightly left field but very clever Victoria Coren Mitchell (no hyphen!), the questions are too tough to answer and it's not funny, yet still enjoyable. How? (Max Mazonowicz)

Silent Witness (Monday. BBC1): Another excellent episode in what has been the best series of the show in many a year; two series in and there’s still not much point to Richard Lintern though. (MM)

Wolf Hall (Wednesday, BBC2): This series is really starting to come together for the Beeb with compelling acting and writing and great attention to detail; casting an unfamiliar face in the role of Thomas Cromwell is working superbly, though Damian Lewis as Henry VII is still a slightly tough sell. (MM)

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Thursday, E4): The second season has got better and better and this has now become my favourite comedy on TV. Brilliant Halloween master planning between Holt and Peraulta! (BG)

Marry Me (Thursday, E4): I quite enjoyed a lot of episode one, two was okay, three I hated...episode four I loved! What happened? It was very funny - I suspect this is going to be one of those up and down shows but I will stick with it for now... (BG)

Suits (Thursday, Dave): I have suspected this for a while but Mike really has become a proper jerk, particularly what he did to Lewis - he has taken all of Harvey's worst traits and none of his good ones - this is clearly about his fall from grace and humble return to Spector Pearson in the coming weeks. (BG)

The Last Leg (Friday, Channel 4): It was never going to be as good as the previous week with Nick Clegg but kudos to Adam Hills for taking in ISIS and Putin and still being funny; that's what this show is all about! (BG)

The Voice (Saturday, BBC1): Some cracking performances yet again that make this superior to The X Factor. The trouble is as great as the acts and judges are, is there any point when the show has failed to make a star after three years? (BG)

Celebrity Big Brother (All week, Channel 5): For the first time in over a decade, Big Brother was compulsive viewing thanks to some of the most dysfunctional housemates ever. As hateful as Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins may be, their sparring made it worth watching. (Colin Polonowski)

Orphan Black (Whenever you like, Netflix) Only about two years late, episode three of the first season of the show has just gone through the office TV; in short it’s really very great. (MM)

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