Introducing the Television team

The Digital Fix is a massive team effort, with specialist contributors manning every section of the site in their free time on a voluntary basis. We thought it was time you got to know a little bit more about each of the writers across all of the sections of the site.

Here's the team that brings you our Television section.

imageAmy Jones - Editor
I’m Amy and I’m the manager of Television @ The Digital Fix. This means that I ask people to write things for me and panic lots about what they have written. I am a card carrying Doctor Who geek; I once made an airfix model of a TARDIS. It is awesome. When I’m not watching TV I’m studying for my philosophy degree, reading and/or cooking.
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imageColin Polonowski - The Digital Fix Publisher
As the publisher of The Digital Fix, I manage the day-to-day direction of all areas of the site, from the content sections right through the forums. I am also the technical lead which means I ensure everything works as expected and any software changes are coded by my own hands! I occasionally contribute to all areas, but in general leave the specific area management to the people who know what they're doing. I am the main contact point for anyone who wants to discuss advertising, licensing, syndication and anything else at a business-level.
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imageDean Love
I'm a writer for The Digital Fix that enjoys inflicting my views about games and television onto you poor readers. Here I mostly opine on hugely mainstream US TV shows and the tiniest niche indie PC games. I've also written for the likes of and the Mail On Sunday and shout about other things on my own blog. In my spare time you may find me running Leamington Spa's greatest comedy night where I occasionally tell jokes to people while standing on a stage.
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imageGarry Pinches
I’m Garry, a news editor for the cinema section and writer for the television section. In my day life I’m a professional percussionist, which means I hit things with other things for money. I also teach other people to hit things with other things for money. There’s a lot of violence in my life. I’m an unashamed geek, film addict, and my ambition in life is to become a Ghostbuster.
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imageLuciano Howard
Hi everyone, I'm Luciano, a scientist by day so very well placed (i.e. geeky) to write about games and television. I am the PS3 Platform Editor for Gaming whilst I write a variety of articles for Television. With TV my focus tends to be on US shows aside from the odd one or two from elsewhere (typically old school!) whilst from a gaming POV I play pretty much anything but have a real soft spot for platformers, action-adventure and driving.
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imageLuke McNaney
Say hello to The Digital Fix's resident Gleek. I'm 'that guy' who is unashamed (quite the opposite actually) to bring you weekly reviews of the latest episodes. Pre-Glee? My teenage self - and my current one - owe Joss Whedon a huge debt: Buffy = favourite show ever. I have a tendency to fall in love with US imports that get cancelled (hello Freaks & Geeks, Dead Like Me and Firefly) and, like everybody else, love a bit of HBO. It's on my 'to do' list to finally get round to watching Twin Peaks. In short, I watch too much TV but, hey, when we have it this good, can you blame me?!
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imageNick Bryan
Nick Bryan learned to read and write at an early age. This has developed into an unhealthy need to
 either write stories or dissect them at length. He reviews films and TV shows on various sites online, posts his own writing on Nick Bryan Dot Com, lives in London and enjoys listening to indie music whilst drinking a nice white beer.
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imageRebecca Brodeur
I work and live in the North East of England, despite being a born and bred Londoner. Though I work in a public library and have ridiculous access to books, I spend a lot of my time watching TV and playing MMO computer games. When I’m not doing that, I spend time with my needy cats and my independent husband, or I bake. You can follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter @arbitrarygenius.
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Voltaire is the nom de plume for Dave Jones, a man from the Welsh valleys who enjoys sarcasm, cynicism and Guinness. He knows everything and is never wrong. He loves quality TV like Doctor Who, Sherlock and decent detective dramas. He also loves some rubbish TV like Sapphire and Steel, Pointless, and Ace of Cakes. He abhors reality TV and would quite like Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Kate Thornton to bugger off and never return.
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imageDaniel McLaughlin
I am a writer, full-time Whovian, sceptic connoisseur and all round nice guy. I am a student at college studying English, Medieval History and Film Studies (don't look at me like that!). I hope to carry on to university studying Journalism (preferably Broadcast Journalism). Yeah, I am a TV addict and I love Doctor Who. Who doesn't? What do you mean The Sun doesn't? Well that's a silly newspaper. At least, The Guardian does.
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imageEli Lower
I am a writer, a nerd, and a voracious reader. I'm currently studying English
Literature, English Language, German, and History at college, and balancing my
studies with my jam-packed telly-watching schedule, which consists of Merlin, Doctor
Who, Sherlock, Misfits, and anything that happens to be on when I collapse on the
sofa. I once went to school dressed up as Dobby.
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