Introcasts: Enhancing your TV watching

Highly-regarded TV shows are now attracting spoiler-free commentary and conjecture podcasts (introcasts), aimed at people who never saw the shows when they were first on television – a brief overview of the genre.

We’ve all missed watching some major television shows that our friends and the media have told us we need to watch. Luckily DVDs are readily available, but by the time we do start watching them on DVD, everyone else has seen them – so we have no-one to discuss them with who’s watching at the same pace we are. Although they don’t need to be talked about, some shows really are enhanced by being able to either read other opinions about them, without fear of spoilers, or by having that watercooler moment, where you can discuss them the next day.

Podcasts are the answer. Or, as they’re being called, introcasts. There’s a series of podcasts that’s growing gradually that use the above situation as a catalyst. Taking a few people who’ve never seen a show, they talk about each episode as they watch it, completely spoiler-free, usually moderated by at least one person who has seen the show and has to keep a firm grip on not revealing any information, but asking pertinent questions, and able to go look things trivia online without fear of ruining the storyline for themselves.

The first introcast I looked up was the Twin Peaks one, just after my latest rewatch of the series. It’s been completely engaging to listen to the speculation over the storylines from the point of views of people too young to watch the show when it aired live and has helped me relive how I felt watching all those years ago. Of course, there’s also the amusing speculation that is completely wrong, but even that is entertaining to listen to.

Episodic podcasts for current television shows definitely enhance the experience for me, and I’d always recommend them for people who have the time to listen or who enjoy getting other opinions or thoughts on the shows they love. Introcasts perform the same function for shows that may not have been on air when podcasts were possible, or just for shows that many may have missed.

There’s quite a few introcasts out there now, and the genre is a growing one. Here’s the current list, growing all the time:

Twin Peaks Podcast
Bluthcast (Arrested Development)
Carnycast (Carnivale)
Moosecast (Northern Exposure)
Potentialcast (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Resurrection cast (Battlestar Galactica)
The Psych Analysis (Psych)
Fishercast (Six Feet Under)
Yip! Yip! (The Last Airbender)

Rebecca Brodeur

Updated: Oct 19, 2011

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