How Will It End? – Finales Before Christmas Round-Up

This weekend sees several shows wrapping up before Christmas! Our thoughts and predictions for Him & Her, Misfits, The Killing and Dexter finales.

This Time, The Killing Is Fatal

This weekend, The Killing comes to its grim, Danish conclusion. We’ve been covering the series more accurately described as Forbrydelsen right up to the most recently aired episodes, and this is a massive moment for us. Not just because we find out who the twin murderers are, but because it’s the Last Episode Ever.

What will become of driven detective Lund? Will she finally get that peaceful crime-free life she’s been striving for since series one? Is there any chance she’ll be permitted to transfer to a desk job? Will she retire to look after her new grandchild, making amends for both her own failures and those of her son?

My personal vision: Lund is seconds from finally getting away, but then the phone rings, and yes, it’s another muurder and she can’t resist. Let’s see if I’m right.

Him & Her Proposes Finale

Okay, it’s not the final episode in series three of BBC Three’s Him & Her, but it looks like this sixth one will finally end the proposal storyline that’s been running all year, then we get a Christmas special a week later.

It’s a big event in the tiny world of Steve and Becky’s flat – and as I mused in my review of the year so far, this whole “When will he ask?” story arc hasn’t been enthralling me as much as previous series. Having said all that, I felt a flush of the old charm from last week’s first date episode – maybe the magic isn’t dead.

So, I suppose the ultimate question is… will she say yes? Or will she declare that things are perfect as they are, so can they continue to stay in bed, watch TV, shag and not get jobs forever, without the complication of marriage?

Part of me hopes so – I’m not over-keen to see future Him & Her series follow the standard sitcom lines of one year about wedding planning, another about pregnancy, etc, etc…

Misfits Kills Cast, Day Ends In Y

The fourth series of Misfits has been a strange one, offering the final eradication of not just the original cast, but seemingly the concept of superpowers, as the special abilities took a massively downplayed role in the storyline. We’ve seen some weirdly straight family and relationship drama this year, interlaced with low-key sci-fi concepts.

Since this is the dramatic finale, will they shove the powers front and centre again, maybe some kind of super-apocalypse? It’d be nice to be more hooked by this show – I love Rudy 4evs, but the other, newer cast have yet to really win me over. Particularly disappointing: I already liked Karla Crome as an actress (she was bloody brilliant in Murder), but her Jess character in Misfits isn’t getting much out of her.

Oh, and based on the track record of this show, someone will probably die, as Misfits has inherited the Spooks mantle of TV Series Most Likely To Slaughter Cast. At the very least, a quick probation worker kill?

If Dexter Goes Down, Who Goes With Him?

The season seven finale of Showtime’s Dexter airs in the US this week, necesssary spoiler warning: Vague discussion of US plot threads follows. If you haven’t seen up to the pentultimate season seven episode and want to remain totally pure, stop reading. This is the last item in the feature anyway, you can safely close the browser tab.

It appears the predators circling Dexter are finally closing in. Can Dex escape the cops, poisoners and crazy people? Since next season is confirmed to be the last, the likely answer is “Probably not entirely”. It’s been a strong season for Dexter, a couple of off moments (like the weirdly quick dispatch of a genuinely great antagonist, and the usual dull police supporting cast plots), but still their best year since the well-regarded John Lithgow season, in my critical opinion.

My theory, for what little it is worth: Dexter kills LaGuerta to avoid capture, but this finally turns his sister against him, setting up a head to head next year. We’ll see if I’m right, as there wil be reviews of this show, and the others discussed here, up on the site soon enough.View Page: 1 2 3 4I hate paged articles! Show me the whole thing!var totalpages = 4;function pageContent(pageid) { for (var i=1; i

Nick Bryan

Updated: Dec 14, 2012

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